>Looking for a Cybermummy sponsor, please!


Since starting blogging a whole month ago, the word on all fellow Mummy Bloggers lips is CyberMummy. Well I figure that if I want to really join the ranks of these ladies then I need to be at THE event of the Mummy Blogging Year.

So, I would be very pleased and honoured if someone would be willing to sponsor me. I live in Surrey and already have a season ticket so all I need is a ticket. In exchange I will do almost anything you ask, within reason! So have a think about it.

Although I have only been blogging a short while, I have already gained some lovely followers and will continue this blogging malarkey till the brain freezes up of material, which I don’t see hapeening anytime soon!

So, if you want an outgoing, chatty, persuasive and honest Mummy to be your CyberMummy representative, PICK ME!!

Thanks for reading.

>Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

>Win a ChocOrange necklace

>I have always loved making things and have started making jewellery recently. I will be making more in the next few months and, if I am brave enough, start selling them. 

To celebrate this exciting venture, I would like to give away this beautiful (if I may say so myself!) handmade necklace. Designed and made by me especially for a blog reader, to mirror my ChocOrange identity, this will look great with a range of outfits. The necklace will be presented in an organza gift bag and can be posted just in time for Valentines Day.

To win please do the following:

  1. Follow my blog
  2. Please make sure you follow @choc0range on twitter (that is a zero in 0range and not an “o”)
For one extra entry you can tweet: #Win a handmade beautiful necklace with @choc0range RT and follow to enter

Leave me a comment below to tell me what you have done and how best to contact you if you win!

If you win, you must respond within 48 hours otherwise I will have to choose another winner.
UK Only
Ends 10 February 2011

>Where do they get this stuff from?

>The Boy is the most stubborn thing that has ever existed, fact. Being a combination of Mr and Mrs Never Ending Arguments is obviously the cause of this but despite our stubbornness and the fact that we beat him by headcount, we cannot beat him (in a victorious or violent way!)

Four hours he screamed for, one night, FOUR HOURS. How on earth was that possible? Now we have to play it his way. So tonight, after going up and downstairs like a human yo-yo with bribery of Chuggington and Chocolate offered on a plate, I finally had permission to go downstairs on instruction to “get phone” and within minutes he was sleeping like an angel.

So I ask, where on earth do they get it from?

>Fancy a drink?


The Man and I are currently having fun trying to have another baby and in our efforts to do so I am cutting down dramatically on the booze. I have never been a big drinker but what I miss most is the social drink and finding a suitable alternative that makes me feel like I’m joining in. The options are so limited and add to that the fact you won’t be drunk when drinking the fifth same drink in a row, it can get a little boring. When I was pregnant with the Boy, my tipples of choice were Elderflower Cordial, Tonic and lemon, Sprite and Becks Blue. 

So when British Mummy Bloggers had an advert for reviewing Shloer I jumped at the chance to do my first ever review and try a new drink. Shloer is a sparkling grape juice and I tried Rose and White Grape flavours. In the efforts to make my body a baby carrying temple, what I really like about Shloer is that there is no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings. It is a really refreshing drink and if you put it in a wine or champagne glass you do feel like you are having something a bit nicer, rather than your standard soft drinks. I also like Shloer because it is a very light and slightly sweet flavour which didn’t interfere with my dinner tastebuds (I can’t abide drinking anything overly flavoursome with dinner like fresh fruit juices). The only downside to Shloer is that it only comes in big glass bottles and only lasts 3 days once opened, so you must remember to polish it off! Whilst both flavours were yummy my favourite is White Grape.

Do you have any top non-alcoholic drinking tips that made you feel a bit less begrudging when your dearly beloved other half was polishing off your share of the wine? When hormones are raging I really could use some tips to save the Man’s life! 

>7 things you didn’t know about me

>I could never resist a good gossip so when Curtains for the window, Mummy from the heartGhostwritermummySAHMlovingitLa douce vie and Super Amazing Mum included me in their chain blog, and didn’t threaten my love life to implode if I didn’t partake, I started to think. I mean I could actually say anything because there is not much you could know about me considering I have been blogging for 2 weeks but I will try to make them something that I wouldn’t usually disclose on the blog.

So here goes:

  1. I love love love Home and Away.
  2. I was a backing singer on the Ant and Dec 2002 World Cup song, “We’re on the ball”. The FA invited some fans, piled us with beer and placed the microphone on the other side of the room. I cannot sing but I have enthusiasm. So now I tell people, I have a number two single!
  3. I once caused six armed police cars to block off a road and storm a house because of a man with an air gun doing target practice. In my defence, he was wearing a balaclava.
  4. I was on a breastfeeding documentary with my son when he was 10 weeks old and my breastmilk was the fattiest.
  5. I once cried at the Simpsons.
  6. I was the May Queen when I was 12 for our local church and all the other children had to dance around the Maypole with me sitting on a throne.
  7. I once drank 5 litres of beer at a German beerhouse followed by schnapps, met it again the next morning (along with my pill!), came home hungover, seduced the Man and conceived the very unplanned boy.

And now for my nominees to carry the baton, I will not use anyone who already nominated me because they are named first!


>Listography – Top 5 places I’ve visited

>I hadn’t intended to partake in Listography every week but this is one I couldn’t resist, a chance to put down onto paper some of my happiest memories. Holidays really are a special time for me and the Man (and now with the Boy), we always have an amazing time together. So, here goes:

The Man’s one and only job for the wedding was to organise the honeymoon and make it a surprise. This didn’t work entirely according to plan as, despite telling the company it was a surprise, they sent the confirmation letter in an envelope with “Great Hawaiian Vacations” printed in huge font on the front. But as you can imagine, I wasn’t too upset by that spill! Hawaii is simply stunning.
I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant in March 2008, two weeks before a long planned trip to India which we decided to cancel. As our last ever holiday as a two-some I didn’t want to take the risk of going somewhere unknown so we returned to Barbados, having visited first in 2006. I love Barbados, there isn’t much to do but the beaches are gorgeous, the food is yummy (think fresh fish and jerk chicken) and the people are lovely. Chatting to the Australian Cricket Team in the sea was also a perk.
Mwnt, Wales
In May we stayed at the Toddler-tastic Clydey Cottages in Pembrokeshire (found through my new favourite website Baby Friendly Boltholes) and discovered the stunning, Mwnt beach. This was our first proper British holiday and, as a sun and beach worshipper, I had my reservations about how much I would enjoy it. If you recall, the May half term week had some scorching weather so we were able to take advantage of that and go to the beach most days. When we got to Mwnt beach I could have sworn I was back in Hawaii, although it was a tad cooler. There is a lovely little wading pool which the boy loved, golden sands, clear (but bloody freezing!) sea and an ice cream stand just up some steps. To top it all off we saw Dolphins (yes those almost mystical animals that are meant to be in tropical places like Florida) swimming in the bay. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I would never have believed it!
The Man and I went here straight after University. I had my worst holiday experience ever here so it is a testament to the beautiful country (and the gorgeous Man) that it still makes my top 5. We island hopped and supersonic red bull-ed our way around the country for five weeks. My highlights were; doing some form of Tai Chi at 5am in a Bangkok park with a group of Thai’s (we started drunk and ended chilled!); the man and I daring each other to eat our way through an assortment of deep fried, soy sauce coated bugs on the Khao San Road in Bangkok; partying all night at the Full Moon Party and; dancing in a monsoon rain storm with the Man. And thanks to the motorcycle accident (see above ref to Worst Holiday Experience Ever) I now carry a piece of Thailand with me wherever I go, some little stones still embedded in my palm.
The skies over Oxford
So you might think this one is cheating but once again, this is my blog so I can! The Man and I did a charity skydive somewhere near Oxford about 6 years ago and it was the most amazing experience of my life. I was strapped to a man (and it was quite apt because he was a strapping man!), hauled into a small plane and taken up thinking why am I doing this and please can I go back, but alas there was no door on the plane so no one heard my pleas. I had no idea how to mentally make myself jump out of a plane but thankfully that decision was taken out of my hands as the strapping man shuffled us to the edge and before I had the chance to beg for mercy we were out and falling, fast. The freefalling (from 12,000 feet) was thrilling and very noisy but once the parachute opened there was this complete calm and silence like I have never experienced and as we slowly floated down over England I realised what a beautiful and green country we live in. It was the biggest adrenaline rush of my life (and yes, that is me!)
Thanks to Kate Takes 5 for creating Listography!

>My son the Prime Minister

>Talking to a two year old is like one of those TV shows on a Sunday morning that has the hearing impaired (no idea if that is the PC term) person on the side of the screen. He says something, I say what, he gestures and repeats and I finally click on, or more often than not don’t and just nod and say “oh yes” hoping I haven’t inadvertently agreed to chocolate for dinner.

During dinner today I thought I would take things to a more intellectual level, considering the boy was chomping away on smoked salmon, I thought he was obviously high brow enough to cope with raising the discussion bar to something a bit more stimulating (for me) than “do you want Mummy to feed you”. So, what did I ask, well what every mother wants to know of her future child: “what are you going to be when you grow up”. Now being a two year old I don’t think he quite grasped the concept of a job so I phrased it a different way and asked where he would get his money from. He said, “money in box” referring to his Toy Story money box where we stash all those annoying pennies from the floor to deter him from eating and thus choking on them.

So yet another angle, now who doesn’t secretly want their son to become Prime Minister (of course for a girl I want her to marry a prince and be a princess, sexist and old fashioned, so sue me). I asked him what he would do if he ruled the country and his answers were so inspired I think he could actually do it. “Eat oranges” was quite clearly an indication that he wants to set up a new party to rival the existing ones and Orange is a main colour which is not yet associated with a political party. Genius. Second step was to “eat poo poo” which shows that he is quite clearly on the right track and his way of saying that he will learn to talk bullshit.

Now tell me that is not a future Prime Minister in the making.

>Silent Sunday – The Toothbrush Battle


Silent Sunday

>Recovering from miscarriage

>As I said on my original post I was, for lack of a better word, absolutely gutted to have a miscarriage on Christmas Day. Its been 3 weeks now and some days I feel like I have come to terms with it and then others it sucker punches me all over again. This morning I received my booking in and scan appointment from the hospital which really hit home what could have been. Ahead of me are a number of key milestones and although I only knew I was pregnant for two weeks the due date (20 August) will be forever etched on my mind.

I will also be cautious from now on not to throw the “are you planning number two” question on anyone as its been a really tough one to answer (why is that a standard question, a follow up to “when are you… getting engaged, getting married, having a baby” delete as appropriate) and bless my poor best friend who asked that very question five days after the miscarriage and looked mortified when I told her.

As someone who is actively trying to have a baby there seems to be a sudden influx of newborn babies and pregnant women wherever I go (obviously I am just noticing them more) and whilst I am really sad about what happened to me I still smile when I see them. I thought it would upset me to see them and yes there is a touch of the green eyed monster, but overall I take hope that other people can have babies, so that’s a good thing!

The Eastenders cot death / baby snatching storyline has been the focus of a lot of media attention recently and whilst I thought I didn’t understand the uproar, having not experienced cot death, I am beginning to understand why so many parents have been insulted by the picture they have painted. Indeed, I don’t want anyone else’s bump, I want my very own one.

And so it is with that in mind that the man and I sneak upstairs to introduce Mr Swimmers to Mrs Egg, and if there is one positive I can take from the whole experience, it is the restarting of the baby making!