>Bank holiday blues

>Boooooo – back to work tomorrow and I need a pick me up, but with my new years resolution of drinking only water and herbal tea for a month (don’t ask me why, it seemed like an easy choice and relatively healthy. Note to self: chocolates and biscuits are NOT healthy) that is not an option tonight. So I need a mental pick me up to make the prospect of getting up at 6.30am, commuting an hour each way into London, missing my boy all day and running a conference call that is likely to last at least 4 hours with my brain still in holiday mode, a touch easier. So, as one of my favourite phrases is PMA, yes that is POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE, here is my PMA for the evening of reasons to look forward to going to work tomorrow:

  • I get to read my new kindle on the train. I have downloaded Alice in Wonderland, one of the kindle freebies, as I have never read it. Is that odd, for a 29 year old woman, to have never read it?
  • I can listen as loudly as I like to the Glee soundtrack without my dearest husband complaining that Mercedes (and me) are shouting.
  • I can enjoy my workday ritual of “where to lunch” Hmmm; Itsu, Eat, Pret, the options are endless (and yet so monotonous).
  • I can ignore the big pile of washing that needs doing until at least 7pm.
  • I will have time to go to the toilet prior to becoming so desperate that I do the legs crossed need to pee dance all the way up the stairs whilst trying to convince my boy to “just stay there”.

So you see, tomorrow will be a great day….. 

4 Responses

  1. >I am trying to convince myself that going back to work tomorrow (albeit part-time) will be ok. It's not working. Especially as I have left my homework to the night before, and me a teacher too…

  2. >hope day has gone well. couple of great posts. keep at it. fab to find you.

  3. >theboyandme – hello! hope your first day went well. remember it will always be ok and keep fingers crossed for a magical lottery win!helloitsgemma – thanks for reading and glad you liked the posts, i am enjoying venting and musing on t`internet!

  4. >Yeah to all those things and hello fellow Gleek!!It is so nice going to the toilet without having a little voice ask " have you done a wee mummy" and then go "good girl" afterwards!BNM

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