>My son the Prime Minister

>Talking to a two year old is like one of those TV shows on a Sunday morning that has the hearing impaired (no idea if that is the PC term) person on the side of the screen. He says something, I say what, he gestures and repeats and I finally click on, or more often than not don’t and just nod and say “oh yes” hoping I haven’t inadvertently agreed to chocolate for dinner.

During dinner today I thought I would take things to a more intellectual level, considering the boy was chomping away on smoked salmon, I thought he was obviously high brow enough to cope with raising the discussion bar to something a bit more stimulating (for me) than “do you want Mummy to feed you”. So, what did I ask, well what every mother wants to know of her future child: “what are you going to be when you grow up”. Now being a two year old I don’t think he quite grasped the concept of a job so I phrased it a different way and asked where he would get his money from. He said, “money in box” referring to his Toy Story money box where we stash all those annoying pennies from the floor to deter him from eating and thus choking on them.

So yet another angle, now who doesn’t secretly want their son to become Prime Minister (of course for a girl I want her to marry a prince and be a princess, sexist and old fashioned, so sue me). I asked him what he would do if he ruled the country and his answers were so inspired I think he could actually do it. “Eat oranges” was quite clearly an indication that he wants to set up a new party to rival the existing ones and Orange is a main colour which is not yet associated with a political party. Genius. Second step was to “eat poo poo” which shows that he is quite clearly on the right track and his way of saying that he will learn to talk bullshit.

Now tell me that is not a future Prime Minister in the making.

7 Responses

  1. >Yep! Totally a future prime minister! I think its like a legal requirement to talk bullsit to become a PM!

  2. >I'll be voting…he sounds more clued up than the jokers we have got in power today!!

  3. >Got my vote! Brilliant šŸ™‚ x

  4. >Thanks Emma, Wendy and Waterbirth. I will be keeping your contact details until he is old enough to run!! 3 votes and he is off!!

  5. >Another 2 votes here from me and my daughter…she said she'd vote for him when she's old enough if I gave her a fig roll which she's now scoffing.

  6. >SAHM loving it, mmm fig roll! I like that we are already resorting to bribery, he would make a great politician!!

  7. >Bribery seems a winner in this house at the moment. Do you want your dinner? Yes! Well tidy your toys away please. Do you want a fig roll? Yes! Well vote for this little lad when he becomes PM. The fig rolls also help 'shift' things iykwim šŸ˜‰

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