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The Man and I are currently having fun trying to have another baby and in our efforts to do so I am cutting down dramatically on the booze. I have never been a big drinker but what I miss most is the social drink and finding a suitable alternative that makes me feel like I’m joining in. The options are so limited and add to that the fact you won’t be drunk when drinking the fifth same drink in a row, it can get a little boring. When I was pregnant with the Boy, my tipples of choice were Elderflower Cordial, Tonic and lemon, Sprite and Becks Blue. 

So when British Mummy Bloggers had an advert for reviewing Shloer I jumped at the chance to do my first ever review and try a new drink. Shloer is a sparkling grape juice and I tried Rose and White Grape flavours. In the efforts to make my body a baby carrying temple, what I really like about Shloer is that there is no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings. It is a really refreshing drink and if you put it in a wine or champagne glass you do feel like you are having something a bit nicer, rather than your standard soft drinks. I also like Shloer because it is a very light and slightly sweet flavour which didn’t interfere with my dinner tastebuds (I can’t abide drinking anything overly flavoursome with dinner like fresh fruit juices). The only downside to Shloer is that it only comes in big glass bottles and only lasts 3 days once opened, so you must remember to polish it off! Whilst both flavours were yummy my favourite is White Grape.

Do you have any top non-alcoholic drinking tips that made you feel a bit less begrudging when your dearly beloved other half was polishing off your share of the wine? When hormones are raging I really could use some tips to save the Man’s life! 

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  1. >I used to drink cranberry and lime when I was pregnant but I put it in a wine glass and pretended it was rose. Sad I know. http://www.flickr.com/photos/squiz1210/2835993281/in/photostream/

  2. >I love the photo SAHM its really representative of how life can change! I totally get why you put it in a wine glass, it makes it feel so much different to having another soft drink!

  3. >i have no advice whatsoever here…totally pants, sorry. fizzy stuff definitely hits the spot tho, in a wine glass is also a good idea…maybe an umbrella in it too??!just joined you, and have added u onto my blogroll thingy…so will get ur updates!have a great week end, tamsyn x (http://manic-mums.blogspot.com/)

  4. >Hi Manic – thanks for reading and adding me. Just reading your blog and I like it!

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