>Where do they get this stuff from?

>The Boy is the most stubborn thing that has ever existed, fact. Being a combination of Mr and Mrs Never Ending Arguments is obviously the cause of this but despite our stubbornness and the fact that we beat him by headcount, we cannot beat him (in a victorious or violent way!)

Four hours he screamed for, one night, FOUR HOURS. How on earth was that possible? Now we have to play it his way. So tonight, after going up and downstairs like a human yo-yo with bribery of Chuggington and Chocolate offered on a plate, I finally had permission to go downstairs on instruction to “get phone” and within minutes he was sleeping like an angel.

So I ask, where on earth do they get it from?

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  1. >Their Dad! (That's my story anyway and I'm sticking to it!) Good post! πŸ™‚ x

  2. >Hey, great blog – I'm glad I popped by! Thanks for the comment on my blog, you are totally right about just looking at lovely things – can't buy everything, boo!You must have started blogging about the same time as me? I'm still suffering terribly with baby brain, does it get any better (please god tell me it does!) I can hardly write a thing, takes me all my time to remember simple words! thingy and whitsitsface are my current vocabulary ;o)Nice to meet you and good luck with the blog ;o)

  3. >I know how you feel! They're exhausting, aren't they? My daughter equally stubborn (and nearly 5!!) but sad to say, she gets it from her mother (whoops) so it's a battle of wills in our house. Good luck with bedtime – consistency is the key but it's bloomin' hard, isn't it?!

  4. >Waterbirth – The Man is usually to blame for all things not perfect in my life, good answer! :)Ooh Baby – glad you found me! Baby brain does improve but never goes back to the way it was, even now my memory is atrocious! Oh no Heather – I thought by 5 he would be cured of thinking he can have his own way. πŸ˜‰

  5. >4 hours? Oh my goodness, you must have been at your wits end! My daughter turns 2 in March and I can see the stubbornness starting to surface in her so we have all this to come. Joy.Hope you don't have anymore nights like that. Chuck that Shloer away and pour yourself some wine – you deserve a treat πŸ™‚

  6. >SAHMlovingit – wine always helps!! We are now getting him involved in as much decision making as possible and that seems to be working, getting him to make dinner with me, asking him when we should go up for a bath etc. It is working so far, fingers crossed!

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