>Looking for a Cybermummy sponsor, please!


Since starting blogging a whole month ago, the word on all fellow Mummy Bloggers lips is CyberMummy. Well I figure that if I want to really join the ranks of these ladies then I need to be at THE event of the Mummy Blogging Year.

So, I would be very pleased and honoured if someone would be willing to sponsor me. I live in Surrey and already have a season ticket so all I need is a ticket. In exchange I will do almost anything you ask, within reason! So have a think about it.

Although I have only been blogging a short while, I have already gained some lovely followers and will continue this blogging malarkey till the brain freezes up of material, which I don’t see hapeening anytime soon!

So, if you want an outgoing, chatty, persuasive and honest Mummy to be your CyberMummy representative, PICK ME!!

Thanks for reading.

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