>Sharing an obsession

>My name is ChocOrangeCityMum and I am a bookaholic.

I love reading and I want the Boy to love reading which is why, at the tender age of 2, he has about 100 books in his room. I can’t help myself: I see, I want, I buy. We do not discriminate against purchasing location so we buy them from Waterstones, Smiths, Independent Bookshops, Library sales, eBay, Amazon, charity shops but we only accept good copies. I’m not entirely sure why as they often end up with raisins stuck between the pages or over-zealous tears in the middle but I have book standards.

I prefer to buy books on recommendations so I thought I would list of our favourite books to read:

The Gruffalo

I love all of Julia Donaldson books but this is the Boys absolute favourite book and we have a lovely video of him reading the whole book (with a few prompts). The story is a brains over brawn tale about a clever little mouse who outwits a fox, an owl, a snake and a scary-big but somewhat dim Gruffalo. Personally I like rhyming books best as they flow off the tongue so easily. The Boys second birthday party was a Gruffalo theme and I was rather proud of this cake I made.

Little Beauty
This story is a lovely story about friendship, the Boy loves the beautiful pictures where the gorilla and the cat do everything together. It highlights the differences in the two animals but brings them together as they are united in their friendship. I love the way the pictures relay the feelings of the animals so clearly.

Don’t Let Go
I love this book, the Boy really enjoyed it too but this was one of my bedtime choices again and again. The story is about a girl learning to ride a bike and her dad teaching her, but when she learns to let go and ride on her own, her dad realises that he was also scared to let her go. It is such a clever book about the relationship between parents and children and the very real fear that I feel that the Boy will one day not need me. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be one of those overprotective, you can’t leave me type of mothers but I’m still not looking forward to the day where I am not his number one person!

If anyone had told me that I would enjoy reading a book with only one word in it (almost) I would question their judgement so I probably wouldn’t have bought this book, but we got it as a Christmas present and it is fantastic. It is a beautifully told story about a monkey who wants a hug, he sees other animals in the jungle cuddling and he just wants one. This is a lovely book to read with the Boy and he really understands the storyline and simple joy of the monkey when he finally finds his mum and gets a hug. This is a book he often chooses to read on his own, and he can read it all by himself!

The Ravenous Beast
This is a story about a very hungry hungry hungry set of animals who each explain why they are the hungriest animal of all by eating all sorts of non-edible items such as circus tents, ringing bells and buckets and spades but are all beaten by the Ravenous Beast who gobbles them all up. The repetition of the theme throughout is good for small children to keep them hooked and uses a lovely variety of animals (a mouse, elephant, crocodile, cat). The ending is simple but effective with big words splashed across the page for impact and a very full and contented beast. A very satisfying story.

So, if you love reading or would love to read more, I hope this list helps in some way.


19 Responses

  1. >Have you read 'Dear Zoo' or 'I love you through & through'? The Boy's favourite books at the moment!

  2. >TheBoyandMe – we have Dear Zoo, anything lift the flap is a favourite and he knows which animals are coming next. Not heard of I love you through and through but I will look it up. I love you forever is a lovely book too. Thanks for recommendations!

  3. >The Smartest Giant in Town and Room on the Broom were both huge favourites in our house. Daddy does bedtime stories (we read somewhere that men reading to boys encourages them to read – and the habit just stuck!) Anyway, he's 7 now and loves books – and so does his little sister. It's fab!

  4. >That cake is fab!!! Ravenous Beast is Freddy's favourite!

  5. >We also love Smartest Giant and Room on the Broom Heather. Monkey Puzzle is great too. The Man and I share bedtimes, I love reading stories as I get to cuddle the Boy lots!

  6. >Wendy – thanks for cake compliments, it only took 5 hours and I was VERY proud! Ravenous beast is brill, we love the gobble you up, swallow you down bit best

  7. >We have the HUG book.However we just got this book and it's a must have!"Won't you be my Kissaroo?" bt Joanne Ryder and Melissa Sweet.My 2yr old Charlie gives kisses like there's no tomorrow, such a fun book to read ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. >Thanks Mama Ash – I have ordered Kissaroo so looking forward to using it to get even more kisses!

  9. >Thanks – some I haven't read yet so need to have a trip to Waterstones as I think my little girl would love some of them.

  10. >Janette – they are all fab, I like scouring charity shops for books too as they often have some great ones. Amazon can be very cheap too. Also British Bookstores (the discount one) has gone into administration so they are selling books even cheaper – worth a try if there is one near you!

  11. >Love your blog! As for books I am also addicted and m children,so I'm told have a ridiculous number. As for favourites I am in total agreement re the marvellous Julia Donaldson and in my house we are also very fond of anything by Mick Inkpen.

  12. >Thanks Don't Step on the Cracks. I like the pig books of Mick Inkpen but don't know any others. Just off to check out your blog!

  13. >Some nice books.

  14. >Hug makes my youngest cry!I love reading and we have a house jam crammed full of books. Best book at the mo for youngest is Monkey and me!BNM

  15. >Thanks ScottishBNM Hug is so sweet, I want to reach into the book and hug the poor monkey myself!! Will be looking into Monkey and Me!

  16. >I can also recommend Monkey and Me when my four-year-old was two, it was absolutely her favourite book. Like Hug, it has few enough words to be able to be 'read' by a two-year-old.I, I mean my four-year-old, also loves Julia Donaldson and Jez Alborough. Giving your child the love of books at an early age, is a true gift. All of my four children are total book worms.Two authors to look out for a Shirley Hughes and Martin Waddel, they were 'in' as my eldest was little and I'm now reading their books to our littlest one.Happy reading and blogging.

  17. >Sarsm – I absolutely love reading and I want my son to also, and I enjoy reading with him, he picks up things that even I miss! Shirley Hughes is old school right, I think we had a peekaboo one of hers which was lovely. Will go google Martin Waddle! Thanks for reading and commenting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. >Oh just looked at Monkey and Me on Amazon and I remember seeing it in the library but didn't take it out – will pop in soon to try and get it!

  19. >I have just seen your gruffalo cake! omg that's amazing! You are very clever! Great post aswell x

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