>The Power of Love, through scent

>Today the Man and I took a day off work, sent the Boy off to his childminders and had a day of fun – tennis, massage, swim, sauna and afternoon tea, you get the idea. It was lovely, and now we are just waiting for the babysitter before we head off to the cinema.

This morning, I got ready as usual to go out but instead of using one of my everyday perfumes, I sprayed on my wedding perfume and closed my eyes while the memories flooded back. The apartment where I got ready before the wedding with my best friend pulling the corset, waiting outside the ceremony room for my dad to bring me my bouquet (which I forgot). Then my darling husband came downstairs wearing his scent, put them together and they are the smell of my happiness (alongside the smell of the top of the Boys head). Our amazing and beautiful wedding and stunning honeymoon in Hawaii. 
The point of this post is not to show off about my wonderful day or special wedding and honeymoon, although so far it may appear that way, but to highlight the power of smell and how it can evoke memories and feelings as though you were back when they happened. I am so grateful that someone (can’t remember who) recommended this to me and that during our wedding day and honeymoon we only wore these perfumes to cement the memories. Now we only wear them for special dates where it is just the two of us.
As if we were a fashion magazine:
She wore: Body Shop, Vanilla
He wore: Mont Blanc, Starwalker

4 Responses

  1. >I absolutely love that idea. Slightly concerned however as I no longer like the perfume I wore on my wedding day. Oops…

  2. >Oh, I hope that won't happen to me. And I also hope they don't stop selling it. We tried to make sure they were signature scents of that shop but you never know.

  3. >There is definitely a magical alchemy with perfumes which transports you back to moments in time – if I ever smell Anais Anais I am taken right back to secondary school! Just a thought – I used to work somewhere that did bespoke scents (fragrance marketing is my bag), and it would be a lovely gift for an anniversary. Hubby and I have a unisex scent that we very occasionally wear, and I love how on me the rose notes come out, and on him the citrus notes are stronger. oh dear, sorry to be such a perfume-geek! Lovely post.

  4. >Wow, Mama and More, that is very interesting, did't know you could have a whole job in fragrance marketing – assuming you are talking about more than the spray person in department shops!! šŸ™‚ I like Tom Ford, Black Orchid and that is unisex. Maybe the Man and I could get a sharing one next time! Thanks for reading.

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