>Why Mummy?

>The Boy: my pride and joy, my angel, the one who can only do wrong until he flashes me a smile, has discovered a new word. “Why” has suddenly entered his vocabulary and I am absolutely loving this, I was actually waiting for my opportunity to have a real conversation with him and to impart upon him all of my worldly knowledge. Unfortunately my knowledge is not quite as far reaching as I had hoped and, as I don’t own an internet phone, Wikipedia is not on hand 24/7 and he will not wait for “Mummy needs to Google that”. 

I feel like such a failure when I don’t know the answer, is it just me? I never really cared before if I didn’t know something as I could always look it up and learn but when my Boy asks me something I feel like I must know the answer or I’m failing him. I want him to know all the things I don’t, I guess that’s just another way we live vicariously through our children!

So far, I answer all his questions truthfully and to the extent my knowledge stretches that far but because his persistence far outweighs mine, the conversations inevitably end in “because”. I am off to buy a complete encyclopaedia now! 

8 Responses

  1. >Oooh truly testing times…you definitely need a pocket encyclopedia! Good luck 🙂

  2. >Don't feel bad. Not even when you say, "Not now, darling", when he asks you "WHY…" for the 10000th time that day

  3. >Don't worry! I can't answer half my 4 year olds questions at the moment. "Mummy, why did plesiosaurs swim?" This dinosaur phase is starting to take its toll.Please help educate an Aussie in London. I just read your 'about you' and don't know about this connection between gravy and "the north?"

  4. >Mid30sLife – What on earth is a plesiosaur?!?!Well "Northern Boys love Gravy" is a quote that comes from a TV show called Soccer AM but it is also quite true, my father in law covers his food in it. There is even a facebook group for it – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=316876723545Hope this has helped educate you about our weird English ways! 🙂

  5. >MmeLindt (your name makes me HUNGRY!) – we have now moved onto Where!!

  6. >My lame answer to a prolonged onslaught of WHY is always…'Well, why not?' Not sophisticated, but puts the shoe on the other foot…pretty soon the kid is the one going 'Just because, okay???' Just found your lovely blog, am now following.~M

  7. >I have 2 toddlers using the why? word at the moment. Of course, 3 yr old is a bit better now he doesn't say it as often, but 1 yr old keeps saying it. I'm not sure she understands what it means yet.

  8. >Manana Mama – I like it, turn the tables, will try that one!!Laura – it must be hard work + lots of fun in your house!

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