>My amazing boys

>I have been working late a lot recently closing a deal at work and have had to miss the Boys bedtime on too many occasions. I am very lucky not only to have a wonderful supportive husband who takes care of the Boy most nights but he also does this…

I am keeping this for whenever I need a pick me up!

>Here I am

>I have a friend, well I do have more than one (!) but this post refers to one particular friend, she is upset with me for having said something which she didn’t like. Quite what that is I don’t know, it wasn’t something intentionally hurtful or criticising but in some way my words have been taken as such. It has made me evaluate myself in a whole new light.

I think I am a nice person, quite judgemental and snobby inside, but on the outside I always try to be nice and friendly to people. However I am noticing more and more in recent years just how direct I am.

I cannot lie, I don’t know why but I just cannot manage to say untruthful words without grinning or mumbling so if I get a direct question then I give a direct answer. Ok I am not stupid, if someone says “do I look fat in this” I would manage to lie (if they did) but this is my sense of kindness which prevails over truthfulness in minefield situations.

For everything else I am very honest and have a horrid habit of speaking before thinking or saying things in my own direct way. Luckily most of my friends, family and husband understand this trait in me and either laugh or say something equally direct back but this one friend does not seem to get me, and as a result our friendship seems lost. I find it very sad  as at one point we were very close (she was the first friend I told when I was pregnant with the Boy). I wonder if it is my fault but on the other hand I don’t know what else I could do. I cannot change my ways as this is me and I honestly don’t think I could dampen or hide my personality to account for this friendship. Is she in the wrong for not accepting me or equally can she not change her reactions to me.

I think, after a long long time of believing otherwise, that I like myself and who I am so this has really shaken me but I also think I am confident enough in myself to know that I can’t do anything about this situation and have to let things fix themselves rather than force the issue.

What do you think, have you had friendships that didn’t work, this is a first for me.

>Just like Christmas

>Fridays are my day off and the day I get to spend just me and the Boy. I love the Man but sometimes I like to have the Boy all to myself. I have been so busy at work this week and haven’t seen the Boy (apart from mornings and a sneaky kiss while he is sleeping) since Tuesday afternoon and I cannot wait till tomorrow.

Every Thursday night is like Christmas for me now, I get so excited on Thursday afternoon and cannot wait till the morning, my present being a relaxing morning with the Boy where we don’t have to get out of our PJ’s or rush out of the house until just before 10am to pop round the corner and play with toys at toddler group.

Oh I cannot wait, only one more sleep!!

Sorry about the short post, just so excited I had to share it with you!

>Listography goes retro

>Ohh sweets, I just love them. They are so bad but so good and god forbid if anyone tried to give my 2 year old Boy sweets I would throw a mentos in a bottle of diet coke type explosive hissy fit as sweets are bad, but not for me. I am a grown up and allowed to break the rules. So, thanks KateTakes5, good choice!! Here goes:

  1. Strawberries, the ones that are a little bit waxy. I loved biting into these and the way they kind of stick to your front teeth.
  2. Flying saucers: a melting mix of sweet paper and sherbet.
  3. Popping candy – sweets that make fizzes and pop in your mouth, so clever and entertaining. Going aaahhhh “an u ear it” was a favourite childhood activity.
  4. Any fizzy sweets, sugar on top of sugar. What’s not to love?
  5. Tom Thumb drops – I only got 30p a week to spend on sweets as a child (Friday was sweet day) so I always tried to choose the miniature ones that would last even longer.

>Pancake Day – thank you!

>I love pancakes, what is not to love? Stodgy crispy yumminess that you can cover in all manners of sweet sickly naughty stuff. I would like to personally thank the inventor of pancake day, putting aside the fact said inventor now wants me to starve for a month, whilst I bask in a post pancake glow.

We generally go all out for pancake day and have a two course pancake dinner. If you’re going to do something, you may as well do it properly. Cheese and tomato savoury is my favourite with a lovely side salad. Thereafter I am torn between plain with maple syrup or banana, chocolate and lashings of cream. Decisions decisions! Ok, you got me – I’ve had both! The Boy was delighted after his dinner tonight to receive a pancake oozing with bananas and Nutella, the naughty/happy look in his eyes was worth the slight motherly guilt I felt for allowing him to have Nutella (again!).

So, thank you pancake day inventor, you are a genius!

Cheeky little monkey

I was asked by T-Shirt Printing.Net to review a t-shirt for them and it really made me smile when it came and had a picture of a monkey on the front. We love monkeys (ooh ooh ee, aah aah aah is a regular cry in our house!) and the Boy pointed at it straight away and said “monkey”. I love to hear him point at animals and make the noises as this was one of the first things he learnt to say. After “dada” the next word was “gat” (cat) and shortly followed by “raaaaah” (lions roar).

It is a lovely quality t-shirt made from nice thick cotton and the logo is well made, certainly looks like it will withstand the wash very well. The only downside is the collar is quite tight but the Man prefers looser collars so probably a personal preference thing. T-Shirt Printing.Net offer bespoke printed T shirts and have a number of positive reviews on their website. Please check them out!

This is a sponsored post