>Listography goes retro

>Ohh sweets, I just love them. They are so bad but so good and god forbid if anyone tried to give my 2 year old Boy sweets I would throw a mentos in a bottle of diet coke type explosive hissy fit as sweets are bad, but not for me. I am a grown up and allowed to break the rules. So, thanks KateTakes5, good choice!! Here goes:

  1. Strawberries, the ones that are a little bit waxy. I loved biting into these and the way they kind of stick to your front teeth.
  2. Flying saucers: a melting mix of sweet paper and sherbet.
  3. Popping candy – sweets that make fizzes and pop in your mouth, so clever and entertaining. Going aaahhhh “an u ear it” was a favourite childhood activity.
  4. Any fizzy sweets, sugar on top of sugar. What’s not to love?
  5. Tom Thumb drops – I only got 30p a week to spend on sweets as a child (Friday was sweet day) so I always tried to choose the miniature ones that would last even longer.

4 Responses

  1. >Tom thumb Sweets were great value for money weren't they? Sooo many to the pence lol!

  2. >Hmmm – I don't remember the Tom Thumbs…Think I may have missed a trick.

  3. >Oh you did Kate, they were fab – miniature boiled sweets!

  4. >I loved those big waxy strawberries! Nice choices there 🙂

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