>Tommee Tippee Digital Monitor review and competition

>A couple of months ago I was invited to the product launch of the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature sterliants range. It was my very first blogging event and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. As it was the Boy and I had a lovely afternoon at the Maggie and Rose kids club in Kensington and I was really impressed at the product range. Unlike a lot of other sterilising products it it designed for babies and children and what impressed me most is that it doesn’t have that burn your nostrils alcohol smell.

Tommee Tippee very kindly gave me a DECT Digital Monitor with Movement Sensor Pad (“DECT”) to review. I didn’t buy a monitor before the Boy was born, we live in a small, old house so the walls are thin and you can hear almost everything. Except of course you can’t hear the paranoia in your own head or rather you can, all too loud. The Man and I used to sit there in the evenings ears cocked to the side saying to each other “did you hear something”? After a very annoying week of this we decided to buy a monitor, this was a good move as our sanity, along with the volume on the TV, was restored.

We haven’t used a monitor for a while as the Boy is now very loud and isn’t shy about letting you know he wants something but I was quite pleased to have one again (the old one is at my mums as she has a big, monitor necessary house). The DECT is an all singing all dancing monitor which really gives you great peace of mind in a number of areas.

The sound is crystal clear and worked all the way to our garden which will be great on these lovely BBQ evenings. The temperature display, which prior to the Boy being born I probably would have viewed as an unnecessary feature but soon came to realise that paranoia linked to your precious baby is all reaching, is very handy and clearly displayed. A beep goes off if the temp drops too low, or if you are out of range of the monitor. The movement sensor pad, which triggers an alarm if the baby doesn’t move for 20 seconds, is probably best for newborn babies and will give that added peace of mind. My favourite bit of the monitor is the two way  feature which allowed me to talk to the Boy from the comfort of the couch, bed, kitchen (delete as appropriate) and give reassuring messages like “go to sleep now” and “its still bedtime”. There is a night light on the monitor although the Boy doesn’t use one and its not quite bright enough to help with nappy changes.

Although this is a top priced monitor at £99.99 it has many features which make it worth the investment, especially the thermometer, movement sensor pad and night light which would save you from buying these things all individually. The energy saved in running up and down stairs and the peace of mind that you can hear what’s happening is worth every penny!


The lovely people at Tommee Tippee have also given me some fabulous weaning goodies to giveaway to one fabulous and lucky reader. To enter please do one or all of the following, each item which will give one entry:

  1. Follow my blog
  2. Follow @tommeetippee_uk and @choc0range on Twitter
  3. “Like” Tommee Tippee on Facebook

Then please leave a comment below telling me what you’ve done.

Thanks for reading!

Competition ends 30 April 2011
UK only

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