Day Two – a day of two halves

>This morning started with lots of promise, two accidents yesterday and I was confident we could crack on today with even more success. And that’s how it started out. I put him on the potty less but by lunchtime we’d had 3 successful visits and no accidents. They were all when I sat him on the potty, not quite as impressive as Pixie (SuperAmazingMum’s little girl) who marched up our stairs and tried to sit on the toilet without telling anyone and did about 5 wees in the space of 3 hours, but I was proud.

Then what happened, well I’m not quite sure as I had to do a conference call and left the Man in charge. I don’t want to be throwing any blame about but of course in my head I am wondering “what if” – two accidents in the space of an hour. To make things even more challenging, since then he really doesn’t want to sit on the potty. He has been cajoled onto it with made up stories and some TV but nothing has been produced and he keeps saying “don’t like potty”. So I am at a bit of a loss, I heaped praise on him before bed for his marvellous day (because overall it was) and told him that tomorrow we would wear pants again, but I am a bit worried as to how to deal with this. There is no going back but if anyone has any tips to conquer this potty fear, I would be very grateful.

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  1. >Hes doing so well! Would he rather sit on the toilet on a kiddie seat?I will be trying the reward chart tomorrow. x

  2. >We don't have a very good toilet seat at the moment, its quite slippy so he doesn't like it, have been using only potty (ordered a family seat so hope that comes soon)Good luck tomorrow!

  3. >my son was just like this, be fine for a bit then accident. Fine for a week than days and days of accidents. Don't worry, try not to get stressed by accidents and carry spare clothes – he will get there in the end – they all do.Best to stick with it once you've started and just live with accidents – they will stop! I tried reward chart but it felt a bit of downer when we had a bad day so ditched it, just heaped praise. Also found leaving potty near good, sometimes he would just help himself when my back was turned. Good luck! X

  4. >Can recommend the Bumbo toilet seat. Great for little ones, comes in pink and blue and they are really secure sat on it. It kind of folds in around them!Looks like he is doing well though x

  5. >Karen – wish I had seen that sooner, already ordered another one but it looks very secure.Gemma – I only have a week!!! Oh well, his childminder can deal with him then 😉

  6. >well done mack!try giving him a book? my little one loved today reading books on the potty.and weirdly, he didnt show it much interest when i initially pulled it out of my shopping bag shouting tada! lol. but when my friends son came over whoes slightly older, and used the potty it has really made my son want to use it to be just like a big boy!

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