Day Three – a tough start

>Yesterday ended with the Boy in fear of the potty and not wanting to even get near it. As I have explained I only have a week off work to crack this, I think he is ready and have a terrible stubborn streak so for all those reasons I just don’t want to stop now. So, the morning was potty-loving time. First thing when we got up I gave him some fab 3D style Toy Story stickers and we decorated his potty with a few and I explained the rest could be stuck on when he had done a successful wee/poo on it. Well it didn’t work and all morning despite drinking milk and water he kept saying he didn’t want a wee, he was officially on production strike. At 1pm I caught him letting a little wee loose on the carpet so my fears were correct, he just didn’t like the potty anymore. So, what does a parent do when they can’t get their own way through pleading, begging or cajoling? Bribery of course! And he just so happened to have some of his easter egg left. Cue a breakthrough with the potty and after lunch when he sat on it again we got our first successful wee of the day!

Gina reckons that on Day Three you shouldn’t be sitting them on the potty but asking them if they need it. Thats all well and good for conforming toddlers but the Boy just keeps saying he doesn’t need to go, however the two times I sat him on the potty this afternoon he produced fairly quickly, so I am going to keep on this path until I see that he is a bit more aware.

What do you think? Any other tips?


6 Responses

  1. >That is exactly what I found, firstly he got scared of the potty and then any time I asked he just said No! So I found changing my words helped. I started saying, 'is your willy full or empty?' It got him thinking about the sensation and then he answered, and when he said 'full', I said 'ok then darling, Potty time and a smartie for sitting on it and a smartie for a wee!' It worked, I know it is bribary but needs must. It took us 14 days to get dry, the past two day at pre-school he had accidents but at home fine and today at whole day at nursery and not one accident! It does come I promise! Keep up the great workx

  2. >Sorry I'm not good help but I just wanted to say it sound's like your doing a great job.If he is going when you sit him on the potty then I don't see a problem with that, maybe after a while he might start telling you when he needs a wee, after he is comfortable with it.xx

  3. >good job! bribery is the key to successful parenting! hes getting there πŸ™‚ slowly but surely, wish i could say the same for my one.. he seems to have recessed a bit :(Abi xx

  4. >This all sounds very complicated! Good bribe though! x

  5. >Multiple, what a great tip, I will be trying that one tomorrow!Good luck for tomorrow oftantrumsandtrends!Thanks for reading Mrs E – you have a long way to go before you have to worry about it!Mum2Alesha – I think he's doing great but I like perfection πŸ˜‰

  6. >Keeping going hes doing great! I think boys get a bit bored with at all after a few days! xx

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