Day Four

>Day Four started really well with me and the Man asking the Boy if he needed the potty and despite saying no (as always) he decided to sit on it and did a wee, all by himself!!! Cue two very excited parents. Unfortunately that was about it in self control for the rest of the day and from then on he was insistent that he didn’t need the potty despite proving himself wrong a few minutes later. For the rest of the day, judging by how much he drank and when he last did a wee we popped him on the potty and almost instantly on each occasion he produced. Its interesting because he can make himself wee or poo when we put him on the potty but he doesn’t ever say he needs to go.

I don’t think we should be giving up yet as he is doing so well at actually using the potty but I don’t know how long until he’ll tell us he wants to go? If anyone has any experience of this I would be very interested.

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  1. >Hello! I've been following your potty training progress. He's doing great, from the look of your charts.With both of mine I ended up pretty much skipping the potty stage and going straight to the toilet (with a toddler seat) so that could be worth a try (though I think some kids don't like it so may not work).I think it's really normal for them not to say they need to go at the beginning – you just have to keep asking and reminding and getting them to try and then eventually they start to ask. This was certainly the case with my daughter and I'd say it was around a month, maybe longer, before she started saying she needed to go. Even now at 5 and half, I still remind her before we go out somewhere, so I really wouldn't worry about him not asking to go at this stage.My son was a bit different as he hated me asking him and would refuse to go if he was asked to, so I just had to hope he would ask by the time he was desperate (and I would resort to bribery if I needed him to try before going out!)With my son I actually did end up stopping. I started him just before he was 2 and half, and stopped after around 2/3 weeks (when he ended up crying and asking for his nappy – gah!). Then a few months later, when he was just over 2 and half, he declared one day (after seeing an older boy he knew weeing standing up!) that he didn't want to wear nappies anymore and that was it. So if you do decide to stop, it may work out in the end. But it does sound like he's doing really well for only 4 days so I'm sure you will get there. Good luck!

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