Day Six

>Today was much the same as yesterday, no asking to go to the toilet and always saying no when we asked him, but almost every time we sat him on it he produced. Interestingly a childminder who babysat for us last night said this is very common and sometimes it takes children weeks to actually ask to go so we should just keep taking him when its about time. For the Boy that’s about every two hours. One accident today but it was to be expected given the circumstances – we tried to get him to nap which he completely refuses to do and he wet himself whilst standing at the stairgate screaming “I waking up Mummy”.

We did two outings today so the potty training is becoming less and less restrictive which is great. It actually reminds me of the early days (and what we soon have to come again) when we had to structure our day around nap times.

Here is his chart for the day – my little superstar.

6 Responses

  1. >Thats great! He's doing so well! xx

  2. >Wow so great. Am so looking forward to post nappy age. We have such a wriggling toddler on our hands a moment is a nightmare..

  3. >well done 🙂 he is a superstar! seven keeps doing that too now, saying he doesn't have to go when he so does! Abi xx

  4. >Sounds like potty training is all going well!My daughter who has been trained for a year still refuses to go potty even though she may need to, somthing about them trying to regaiun control in their little lifes, and not wanting to stop playing.

  5. >hey well done!i bloody hate potty training!

  6. >Such a fantastic chart! Makes me think about what Maya will be like – gads! ;o)

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