Please may I touch those

We were in bed the other morning and for once the Man managed to bring the Boy up to our room before the words “downstairs” and “TV” sprang into his bright young mind. We have a selection of books and toys in our room for such occasions and the Boy found Fox’s Socks (another Julia Donaldson masterpiece) and asked me to read it to him. Pulling back the covers to let him snuggle in beside me I inadvertently exposed my breasts to him. Seeming to forget about the book he looked enquiringly at them, pointed and said “please may I touch those”. My heart melted at his unfailing politeness whilst my mind was reeling at the answers I could give to such a question. A yes felt a bit too odd for such a request and no could lead to all sorts of childhood trauma and women issues later in life so I stuck to the trusty parent response when you really don’t have a better one – “why”. I love that word, its usually the Boy using it on me, making conversations that should be over and done with in a short exchange lasting so long that in the end the only answer I have is “just because”. So I turned the tables on him – ha!

He didn’t have an answer, he just asked again to which I responded “why do you want to touch them” but by then he was bored and jumped in beside me to read the book. I really love reading with him, it’s my carte blanche to demand he snuggles in so I can smell his beautiful head!

Now I know this may be on the internet forever and cause the Boy some embarrassment later in life but I just had to blog about his adorable innocence as well as his politeness. We do have a book at home about cute/funny things the Boy has said but as a good friend pointed out we should omit this particular event as “he will never want to know he once wanted to touch his mothers breasts”. Good point.

I am assuming this is normal toddler inquisitiveness!

5 Responses

  1. Well at least he asked. Both my girls love shouting BOOBIES at the top of their voices and love to grab (AAGH). I have asked several times for them to stop it, mummy’s body and all that but I don’t think it helps that DH is a boob man!


  2. Awww, very polite indeed. My daughter is obsessed with breasts! She giggles when she sees mine. Perhaps I’m glad she’s a girl, not a boy, lol.

    CJ xx

  3. Mahaha ah bless, at least he’s polite! You’ve brought him up well! When he’s older and has started dating – can you imagine – ‘Would you like to come back to mine for a coffee?’ ‘Sure. Sounds good. And, please may I touch those?’ He’s a keeper 🙂

  4. He is a very polite Boy of that I am super proud (has also been known to say Please may I kick you but luckily accepts the resounding no!)

    BNM – My husband calls them boobies and I keep telling him off for saying it in front of the boy – not sure what he might call them one day but not the same as my hubby please!

    Motherventing – I had the exact same thought, at least it will be an original pulling technique 🙂

    Crystal – the Boy also giggles sometimes, to be fair they are odd things when you haven’t got them I guess!

    Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  5. Aww bless! Such innocence and yes, incredibly good manners! x

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