Silent Sunday




Silent Sunday

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  1. Very sweet! Is someone trying to tell you that they would quite like to go swimming?? Emma 🙂

    • it was left over modelling balloons from a 30th themed birthday party we had been to the night before (a 80’s kids party!) – maybe he was trying to make a point, he loves swimming!

  2. Bless! Did he mould the design or you? x

  3. Do It Yourself arm bands and rubber ring…very inventive!

  4. Now when I wear my balloon outfit out and about, there is a general uproar and I usually end up down the police station. On your boy it looks super-cute 🙂

  5. ha ha, going swimming!

  6. That outfit is not going to fly. Actually, though… 🙂

    Great shot. Really good.

  7. Great pic. So cute!

  8. Great arm bands and rubber ring…..all prepared now show me the water!!! 🙂

  9. Fancy dress or swimming?

  10. Is he going swimming? Did he do this himself? Very impressive and determined if he did!

  11. Great shot – love the concentration on his face 🙂

  12. I bought David a balloon modelling kit for Christmas, Esther and William would love it now. Will get him to dig it out. Super pic x

  13. ahaha so funny!

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