20 week scan

The Man and I went to the hospital on Monday morning for my 20 week scan (I was actually 21+3 but we had missed it at 20 weeks as we were on holiday), we were both fairly relaxed as I had been feeling Poppy kick for a couple of weeks so we knew it was definitely there but of course there was a little worry that everything wouldn’t be perfect. The sonographer said the usual “I will scan you first and take a look and then let you see” during which time your heart beats like a drum and you think you’ve imagined every movement, but luckily this only lasted for about 10 seconds and we quickly saw our babys heart beating like a drum on the screen. It was awesome.

Apparently it has arms, legs, hands, feet, a heart with 4 chambers with blood going in and out, a head with a brain, no cleft lip, kidneys and thanks to a close up of its face we even know it has a tongue! Poppy is alive and well and as far as they can tell to date, perfectly formed. I decided I want a surprise version so we didn’t find out the sex, the Man wanted to find out but readily agreed to my decision when I glared at him with evil pregnancy hormoned eyes. I cannot wait to find out, but for now I am enjoying guessing using the old wives tales.

It was a lovely time for us and we came away with big grin and excitement at what the future holds. So here Poppy is (its the head and chest in case you can’t figure it out!)


Poppy at 21+3

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

CyberMummy live blog – Getting to know and love WordPress

I started blogging in January and got myself a free blogger account, I really liked the ease of use but after a 24 hour breakdown in which it lost my post I threw my toys out of the pram and decided to switch to wordpress a couple of months ago. When CyberMummy asked for live bloggers for various sessions I saw this one on wordpress and thought, it might not be the most exciting but I hope I can learn something about word press, which is not as easy to use as blogger and pass this knowledge on.

So here I am!

The first statement of the session that grabs my attention is “steep learning curve” says Sue Davis, I couldn’t agree more, so how do we conquer the curve? I’m hoping she will tell us. But of course, the technology has broken. Ironic huh.

So we have no internet and can’t see any good sites but onwards we must prevail. The topic is Moving from blogger to wordpress.org, you must disable all custom (non default) bits, so reset to default settings. (currently a bit confused as no idea what wordpress.org is!) Recommended hosts to get a domain name are dataflame, machine network, justhostme.co.uk, virtual Internet (some were recommended to avoid but I was asked not to name and shame to avoid legal action)

You can set up your wordpress site and then once you have done this you can import your blogger posts and comments using WordPress tools/import.

WordPress.org requires you to know more about technical bits and bobs like FTP, back-ups and plug ins – and now I am really regretting volunteering for this live blog. I was hoping it would be WordPress for Dummies. But I will prevail.

You can get free or premium themes on WordPress.org (as you can with WordPress.com) but watch out for free themes without reviews or not listed on the wordpress site as these could be hackers themes.

Some recommended plug ins for WordPress.org are:

Login lockdown – after x amount of login attempts you can block your site for a certain period of time.

Search meter – you can track what people are searching for on your blog.

Widget logic – very useful to assign various widgets to different pages, so you can ensure they are in the right places and not all over your homepage.

HTML sitemap – will automatically make a site map of your site.

Ok the slides are going too fast for me to get any the recommended links for transferring from blogger to WordPress, but I’ll try to get them for you – I am not superwoman!!

Top tip – never use “admin” as your username for your blog as this is the first name hackers will try to use.

Apparently the most important benefit of WordPress is the spam filter as if you get spam commented once it opens the floodgates for more spammers which can clog up your blog and affect your google rankings.

This is the free version of wordpress, as opposed to wordpress.org which you do have to pay for and therefore you have fewer options.

The slides for this session which had some really good links on transferring are available here.

Unfortunately the session was quite techy but I hope you’ve learnt a little, the biggest thing I learnt is that you do need a reasonable amount of techy know-how or can mess around until you get the right affect in order to use WordPress.

Thanks for reading

I am on Holiday

I am currently on Holiday until the 24th June returning just in time for CyberMummy so I hope to see some of you there. If you are visiting my blog, thank you and please read some of my older posts and comment on them, they are still interesting (I hope!) and I would be delighted to return from holiday to see your comments.

Take care all!


Holiday dreams

On Saturday I am going on HOLIDAY – I am so darn excited I can barely contain myself from skipping down the streets with delight. But of course, its not all plain sailing and rocking up to the holiday without so much as a second thought a la HelloitsGemma. Oh I wish I could but I am too controlling for that. The Man however, has managed to wangle himself 3 days in Barcelona with work arriving back home 12 hours before we depart so I am left doing all the blardy packing for the three of us and in case you can’t take on board my annoyance and frustration at this over a blog post, let me tell you, my keyboard is feeling the brunt of my anger right now!!

And breathe, and remember the reason for the horrendous packing job (and don’t even think about the unpacking/repacking/unpacking thereafter). We are going to the Martinhal Resort in Portugal and to give me hope between tonight and Saturday morning, during which time I might tear my hair out in suitcase sized clumps or kill my husband the minute he walks through the door all chirpy with not so much as a Toblerone for me, this is what I am looking forward to about our holiday:

  • Swimming – I love it, splashing, dunking, lilo-ing, jumping in, handstands underwater – I just hope this year the Boy is up for it before our last day
  • Sunbathing – I think its my Indian blood because I love lying in the sun feeling the rays penetrate my skin and leaving me with a lovely glow
  • Eating – I love eating, well usually I do (when I’m not pregnant) and I cannot wait to eat fresh seafood – prawns, sardines, lobster and churros and having an ice cream EVERY DAY
  • The Beach – sandcastles, wave jumping, bat and ball
  • Reading my book – or should I say books as I usually get through a fair few
  • The first (non-alcoholic for me) beer after putting the Boy to bed, that is hoping he goes to bed this year
  • Playing cards with the Man after dinner
  • Not watching TV or going on my blackberry or laptop (well, only very occasionally and for a few minutes)
And best of all I get to do this with my two favourite people (when I finally forgive the Man for making me do all the packing)
What do you love about holiday?

Rock My Frock

When Jay Mountford asked me on Twitter to share a picture of my wedding dress with her, I thought, why not share it with everyone! I loved my dress and felt amazing wearing it. It is a Maggie Sottero dress but I had it altered slightly to take out the privacy panel at the back to make it a bit more revealing – it was a civil ceremony. Jay is currently offering a Rock the Frock photography package to let you show it off all over again and I am very tempted but first got to pop out a baby and then fit myself back into it!

I would love to see other peoples dresses to so I have added a linky tool at the bottom of this post – please add your Rock My Frock post to it!

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Listography – Decisions

I haven’t done a Listography for a while but I couldn’t resist this one. I really believe in this Sliding Doors concept and sometimes wish I had a crystal ball to see what might have happened if I took the other path. Luckily I am very happy with my life so no regrets about anything but I can’t help but wonder sometimes, what if.

From Kate – This week Listography is inspired by the amazing Christine Mosler at Thinly Spread. If you have been living under a rock with an eye patch on each eye and bananas in your ears you may not have heard about the Save the Children ‘No Child Born To Die’ campaign. If this is the case please click this link immediately to sign the petition before coming back here to read on.

So here are mine:

Going to Bradford University

When I was younger, I wanted to be a childrens TV presenter or a newsreader, I always was a show off! I got a place on a Broadcast Journalism course at Falmouth College but when I went to visit I wasn’t convinced that it was the right place for me and I was a bit concerned that the course would be fun to do but not lead anywhere. So I decided to see what else was out there and eventually decided on the Business and Management, course for people who don’t know what they want to do with their life, at Bradford. And it was fab – new friends, drinking, boys, drinking, currys, drinking, you get the idea. But most importantly it set the path for my whole life today, I met my husband there and got myself onto a Banks graduate programme which has led me to my current career. If it weren’t for Bradford University who knows where I would be – CBeebies I guess!

Having the Boy

He was not a planned baby so when we found out I was pregnant we were shocked. We had only been married 9 months but we have a nice, if a bit small, house and good jobs each, so although we were in a good position to have children we just hadn’t considered it happening yet. I think, of all the decisions the Man and have made in our life together, this one was was the quickest and the quietest – it was a look, a holy hell what’s happened here look, what are we going to do and then a nod in agreement – it took all of about 5 seconds. Hands down, best decision EVER!

Charting my fertility

I am a control freak and if I am going to do something I like to get it done and I research things a lot. So when the Man and I agreed to have Baby number 2 I went to find out how to get pregnant – honestly there are ways and means! Charting is monitoring various aspects of your body to predict when you will ovulate so you can time SWI (sex with intent for those non-Mumsnetters!) Lets face it, we’ve been married 4 years and have a toddler who wakes in the night occasionally, every day was just not going to happen! I loved charting, partly because it made me feel a bit more in control of the process but mainly because I learnt some fascinating new things about how our bodies work. For example, did you know that after ovulation your body temperature goes up by 0.1-0.3 degrees and then drops back down when you get your period. I am in awe of how clever our bodies are and feel enlightened for having learnt it. Oh and it helped me get pregnant so was also successful.

Joining a Tennis Club

I am useless at exercise, it bores me, but I have always enjoyed sports. Since the Boy was born I haven’t been able to play much as it would require a babysitter and we don’t have many local friends so last Summer I took the plunge and turned up to the local tennis club and asked to join. It was a bit scary but I am really pleased I did it, I am not very good  (although improving thanks to my 21 year old cute instructor) but I can see myself getting better which gives me Wimbledon hopes yet. The pregnancy is going to stop me playing at some point but I hope it will only be a 6 month break or so.

Writing this post

If I hadn’t, you might not be reading and I will have missed out on your lovely comments below! 😉

Dear So and So….

Dear Boy

I love you, I really do, more than anything in the World, you make me so happy to be your Mum.

But I must admit that I really would appreciate if you could stay in bed and be quiet (you don’t even have to sleep) between the hours of 11pm and 7am. A 9/10pm wake up is not ideal as you are probably interrupting catch up Casualty or Glee but its a good excuse for a sleepy cuddle so I won’t complain about those.  After I have gone to bed and finally exhausted myself into a deep sleep, no matter how much I love you, I honestly would prefer to wait until morning to see you again.

I don’t understand why the door open at 45 degrees does not constitute “door open a little bit” and needs to be adjusted a millimetre or two at 3am. I don’t believe you put enough effort into finding your “Toy Story water” in your bed at 4am when I have no trouble scrabbling in the dark for it. I wish your memory would be a bit better and recall that I killed all the monsters with monster spray when I put you to bed so there is no way they are still lurking in the shadows.

Its not a lot to ask is it sweetheart? I got up with you in the night for 7 months to feed you (a valid reason to wake) and since then every time you have been unwell I have jumped out of bed to calm your tears or soothe your aches because it hurts me to see you in pain. However, I hope you will agree that monsters / water bottle / door open just don’t seem like good enough reasons to deprive me of sleep. I am currently making a little brother or sister for you (you honestly will appreciate it one day) and I accept that there will be more sleepless nights when it arrives but until then please can you help me out a bit?

I love you with all my heart


Dear So and So...

Cybermummy 2011 Meet and Greet

Carly at Mummys Shoes has started a CyberMummy Meet and Greet so here is mine! As I have not outed myself so much I will be wearing a big badge on the day with my Blog name on it. Feel free to come and ask my real name!

Name: ChocOrangeCityMum – honestly, I have been to deed poll and everything!!


Twitter ID@choc0range

Height: 5ft 7.5 inches (half an inch does matter!)

Hair: Bobbed dark brown

Eyes: Brown

Likes: sunshine, tennis, food (except when pregnant), holidays, reading, baking, Glee, nice people, going to the cinema, eating out

Dislikes:  middle of the night wake ups, inconsiderate people, messy websites, bad customer service

B Organic Skincare review

Thanks to the power of Twitter I “met” B Organic Skincare and was very pleased to be asked to review a couple of their products. I was always interested in natural and organic products for me but my main aim was what smells nice and what moisturises my skin. Of course the Boy doesn’t need any smell or smoothness enhancers and in my aim to keep him natural and organic I was only interested in skincare products that weren’t full of nasties.

I was excited about trying something new with the Boy at bathtime as he loves his bath – mainly he loves splashing me and the mock-stern look I give him but he also loves bubbles. I received their Lavender Bubble Bath which smelled divine and I love Lavender for bedtime as its so relaxing. It bubbled really well and I didn’t notice any dry skin afterwards on the Boy, which he had suffered with from other bubble baths. They have sadly discontinued this product now but its been replaced with an all rounder Top to Toe wash and if its of the same quality I’m sure its fab!

I also got a tester pot of their Lavender and Camomile soothing balm which I would rub on the Boys chest after a bath to give him a lovely soothing smell before bed. The consistency and ease of use of this balm is great and could be used for lots of things – sore skin, massages, nappy rash.

All in all I was impressed at these products and the combination of vegan and organic ingredients which were made with delicate and sensitive skin in mind.

The full range of products can be seen on the website at http://www.b-organic.co.uk