Holiday dreams

On Saturday I am going on HOLIDAY – I am so darn excited I can barely contain myself from skipping down the streets with delight. But of course, its not all plain sailing and rocking up to the holiday without so much as a second thought a la HelloitsGemma. Oh I wish I could but I am too controlling for that. The Man however, has managed to wangle himself 3 days in Barcelona with work arriving back home 12 hours before we depart so I am left doing all the blardy packing for the three of us and in case you can’t take on board my annoyance and frustration at this over a blog post, let me tell you, my keyboard is feeling the brunt of my anger right now!!

And breathe, and remember the reason for the horrendous packing job (and don’t even think about the unpacking/repacking/unpacking thereafter). We are going to the Martinhal Resort in Portugal and to give me hope between tonight and Saturday morning, during which time I might tear my hair out in suitcase sized clumps or kill my husband the minute he walks through the door all chirpy with not so much as a Toblerone for me, this is what I am looking forward to about our holiday:

  • Swimming – I love it, splashing, dunking, lilo-ing, jumping in, handstands underwater – I just hope this year the Boy is up for it before our last day
  • Sunbathing – I think its my Indian blood because I love lying in the sun feeling the rays penetrate my skin and leaving me with a lovely glow
  • Eating – I love eating, well usually I do (when I’m not pregnant) and I cannot wait to eat fresh seafood – prawns, sardines, lobster and churros and having an ice cream EVERY DAY
  • The Beach – sandcastles, wave jumping, bat and ball
  • Reading my book – or should I say books as I usually get through a fair few
  • The first (non-alcoholic for me) beer after putting the Boy to bed, that is hoping he goes to bed this year
  • Playing cards with the Man after dinner
  • Not watching TV or going on my blackberry or laptop (well, only very occasionally and for a few minutes)
And best of all I get to do this with my two favourite people (when I finally forgive the Man for making me do all the packing)
What do you love about holiday?

3 Responses

  1. brilliant! love this. My OH is one of those people that takes 2 t shirts and a pair of jeans, he makes no contribution to packing, except to ask as we are leaving if I have packed baby wipes (every time!). I never pack his stuff, I pack everything else as I am a control freak!
    Love all the things you love – I wish I got the time to read books, not any more.
    There is something so nice about hanging with your family in the sunshine – enjoy!

    • I know what you mean about book reading, it used to be on the beach or by the pool, now its once the Boy is in bed, while the sunsets – beautiful!

      The Man takes more than I do on hols, I have to ask “do you really need 12 t-shirts”!!

  2. Oh I can relate to this totally! Husband takes far more than I do – me and the boys have a case between us and he has the other one!

    We have just come back from the best holiday… it was the first time Husband and I have taken the boys abroad, and the sun shone, nothing went wrong and it was perfect. We let them stay up late (well a bit, but neither of them really *do* late nights) then we’d come home, but them to bed, and sit drinking san miguel and eating cheese, reading or watching TV. Best bit was no distracting laptops like that home.

    Hope you have a great break x

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