CyberMummy live blog – Getting to know and love WordPress

I started blogging in January and got myself a free blogger account, I really liked the ease of use but after a 24 hour breakdown in which it lost my post I threw my toys out of the pram and decided to switch to wordpress a couple of months ago. When CyberMummy asked for live bloggers for various sessions I saw this one on wordpress and thought, it might not be the most exciting but I hope I can learn something about word press, which is not as easy to use as blogger and pass this knowledge on.

So here I am!

The first statement of the session that grabs my attention is “steep learning curve” says Sue Davis, I couldn’t agree more, so how do we conquer the curve? I’m hoping she will tell us. But of course, the technology has broken. Ironic huh.

So we have no internet and can’t see any good sites but onwards we must prevail. The topic isĀ Moving from blogger to, you must disable all custom (non default) bits, so reset to default settings. (currently a bit confused as no idea what is!) Recommended hosts to get a domain name are dataflame, machine network,, virtual Internet (some were recommended to avoid but I was asked not to name and shame to avoid legal action)

You can set up your wordpress site and then once you have done this you can import your blogger posts and comments using WordPress tools/import. requires you to know more about technical bits and bobs like FTP, back-ups and plug ins – and now I am really regretting volunteering for this live blog. I was hoping it would be WordPress for Dummies. But I will prevail.

You can get free or premium themes on (as you can with but watch out for free themes without reviews or not listed on the wordpress site as these could be hackers themes.

Some recommended plug ins for are:

Login lockdown – after x amount of login attempts you can block your site for a certain period of time.

Search meter – you can track what people are searching for on your blog.

Widget logic – very useful to assign various widgets to different pages, so you can ensure they are in the right places and not all over your homepage.

HTML sitemap – will automatically make a site map of your site.

Ok the slides are going too fast for me to get any the recommended links for transferring from blogger to WordPress, but I’ll try to get them for you – I am not superwoman!!

Top tip – never use “admin” as your username for your blog as this is the first name hackers will try to use.

Apparently the most important benefit of WordPress is the spam filter as if you get spam commented once it opens the floodgates for more spammers which can clog up your blog and affect your google rankings.
This is the free version of wordpress, as opposed to which you do have to pay for and therefore you have fewer options.

The slides for this session which had some really good links on transferring are available here.

Unfortunately the session was quite techy but I hope you’ve learnt a little, the biggest thing I learnt is that you do need a reasonable amount of techy know-how or can mess around until you get the right affect in order to use WordPress.

Thanks for reading

2 Responses

  1. Thank you – most useful!!! As I was reading it I thought “oh ffs this is all greek to me”!!! Then I read your last paragraph which makes all the sense in the world… til I die then!! Have a fab time. Send Soph my love. XX

  2. I think WP is actually a bit easier than the (shocking) session made it seem – I moved over last December and have found it a lot easier in some ways than Blogger

    The import tool is really easy to use and then its a question of fiddling around BUT there are always people around to ask on Twitter and things like my Technophobes Club with ideas to do the simple stuff and avoid the tricky things

    I like the widgets, I like the dashboard and I don’t regret moving one bit (shold have done it sooner)

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