Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


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  1. good to share! great shot

    • Thanks, it was his first ever lollipop (given to him by a restaurant on holiday) I think he was so excited to discover them. I now have to try and convince him they only sell them in Portugal!! 🙂

  2. LOL a well timed pic!! Fantastic 🙂

    • Not as well timed as the one that makes him look like he is smoking a cigarette but I was too shocked to put that one up!! 😀

  3. This really made me laugh… perfect timing! Emma 🙂

    • Its fab when you accidentally get a good shot – would never have got this if I tried!

  4. gorgeous eyes……but a very funny nose!!

    • He wants to be a clown when he grows up 😉

  5. he is SOOOO CUTE!!!! and his hair! Awww!!!! totally adorable!

    • thanks, I think he’s v cute! His hair was all damp from swimming so made for a good mohawk, I’m lucky as he still lets me “style” it when I can, its like having my own Ken doll! 🙂

      • Aww! I remember that too but my 7 and Half year old just does it himself now – though often a mohawk and does a better job than me! 😉

  6. Loving the lolly nose. Lollies seem to feature a lot this week. My try is at

  7. Hmmmm, loving the sweetie?! He looks pleased to have that 😉

  8. That is just adorable! He is totally huggable, how do u keep your hands off?!! x

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