Dear So and So….

Dear Boy

I love you, I really do, more than anything in the World, you make me so happy to be your Mum.

But I must admit that I really would appreciate if you could stay in bed and be quiet (you don’t even have to sleep) between the hours of 11pm and 7am. A 9/10pm wake up is not ideal as you are probably interrupting catch up Casualty or Glee but its a good excuse for a sleepy cuddle so I won’t complain about those.  After I have gone to bed and finally exhausted myself into a deep sleep, no matter how much I love you, I honestly would prefer to wait until morning to see you again.

I don’t understand why the door open at 45 degrees does not constitute “door open a little bit” and needs to be adjusted a millimetre or two at 3am. I don’t believe you put enough effort into finding your “Toy Story water” in your bed at 4am when I have no trouble scrabbling in the dark for it. I wish your memory would be a bit better and recall that I killed all the monsters with monster spray when I put you to bed so there is no way they are still lurking in the shadows.

Its not a lot to ask is it sweetheart? I got up with you in the night for 7 months to feed you (a valid reason to wake) and since then every time you have been unwell I have jumped out of bed to calm your tears or soothe your aches because it hurts me to see you in pain. However, I hope you will agree that monsters / water bottle / door open just don’t seem like good enough reasons to deprive me of sleep. I am currently making a little brother or sister for you (you honestly will appreciate it one day) and I accept that there will be more sleepless nights when it arrives but until then please can you help me out a bit?

I love you with all my heart


Dear So and So...

Cybermummy 2011 Meet and Greet

Carly at Mummys Shoes has started a CyberMummy Meet and Greet so here is mine! As I have not outed myself so much I will be wearing a big badge on the day with my Blog name on it. Feel free to come and ask my real name!

Name: ChocOrangeCityMum – honestly, I have been to deed poll and everything!!


Twitter ID@choc0range

Height: 5ft 7.5 inches (half an inch does matter!)

Hair: Bobbed dark brown

Eyes: Brown

Likes: sunshine, tennis, food (except when pregnant), holidays, reading, baking, Glee, nice people, going to the cinema, eating out

Dislikes:  middle of the night wake ups, inconsiderate people, messy websites, bad customer service

B Organic Skincare review

Thanks to the power of Twitter I “met” B Organic Skincare and was very pleased to be asked to review a couple of their products. I was always interested in natural and organic products for me but my main aim was what smells nice and what moisturises my skin. Of course the Boy doesn’t need any smell or smoothness enhancers and in my aim to keep him natural and organic I was only interested in skincare products that weren’t full of nasties.

I was excited about trying something new with the Boy at bathtime as he loves his bath – mainly he loves splashing me and the mock-stern look I give him but he also loves bubbles. I received their Lavender Bubble Bath which smelled divine and I love Lavender for bedtime as its so relaxing. It bubbled really well and I didn’t notice any dry skin afterwards on the Boy, which he had suffered with from other bubble baths. They have sadly discontinued this product now but its been replaced with an all rounder Top to Toe wash and if its of the same quality I’m sure its fab!

I also got a tester pot of their Lavender and Camomile soothing balm which I would rub on the Boys chest after a bath to give him a lovely soothing smell before bed. The consistency and ease of use of this balm is great and could be used for lots of things – sore skin, massages, nappy rash.

All in all I was impressed at these products and the combination of vegan and organic ingredients which were made with delicate and sensitive skin in mind.

The full range of products can be seen on the website at