Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

25 Responses

  1. He he Lovely photo x

  2. There is a happy kid! (You do know you’ll be finding sparkly bits for weeks to come?!)

    • Yes, they keep popping up everywhere! Luckily I like pretty glitter 🙂

  3. Somebody’s been having fun 🙂

    • Oh it wasn’t just him but he’s not so good with the camera 😉

  4. Thanks, he looks so pretty with glitter on his face! 🙂

  5. is it only me that shudders at the thought of glitter on the carpet 🙂

    • Oh god no, we did this in the dining room – laminate floors! I would never be so crazy.

  6. AAhh love the glitter -gorgeous! ( eyelashes to kill for!) 🙂

    • Thank you – I think he is rather gorgeous!

  7. love the detail – I thought it was sand – but now I think it’s glitter… has been eating glue?

    • Its edible glitter and icing – we were decorating biscuits. Read this post

  8. Someone’s been having fun lol

  9. i loved your toddler activity post, he looks very content nomming them!

    • Oh yes, I don’t remember him ever being so quiet!

  10. Beautiful…

    • I most definitely agree (the subject and the photo!)

  11. Oooo glitter! I have a glitter phobia though the kids did some glitter pictures whilst on holiday. I’m still finding glitter on things.

    • I know it gets everywhere but at least its pretty

  12. What a gorgeous photo :-))))


    • thanks, I love close up shots and I love that you can see all the biscuit ingredients on his face (which is where most of them ended up!)

  13. I completely adore glitter. I love that it gets everywhere, for days at a time. A little sparkle of happiness in every morsel :0)

    • what a lovely way of looking at it!

  14. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Very relieved it was edible too! xx

    • It was edible and he is edible 🙂

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