Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

21 Responses

  1. Cool dude!! X

  2. Fab! That looks like a funky pushchair! x

  3. Just chilling and enjoying the sun, ya’know?

  4. Chilaxing a bit there I see!

  5. Love the sunglasses

  6. Now that’s the life!

  7. Such a cool dude.

  8. Oh love it, he’s not going to want to give it up when no.2 arrives!! I love that you have colour co-ordinated his t-shirt to match 😉

    • Not intentional but it looks like it! I wore a purple cardi the other day in exactly the same shade and got some funny looks. One stranger even walked over and told me he liked the colour coordination!

  9. Fabulous colours – love the yellow against the purple!

  10. He looks like such a cool dude! Love the colour coordination too 🙂 That pushchair looks fab (it’s in my favourite colour) what make is it? x

  11. How cute. what a gorgeous colour x

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