Toyjeanius review – Haba threading beads

I was delighted to be picked as a Toyjeanius reviewer recently, I think Jean and I have a lot in common as she says she is “A Mum of 3 who had so much fun playing with her own kids and their toys, she opened a toy shop!” I can understand that feeling, sometimes I think I have more fun with his toys than the Boy does. We received our first toy, the Moo and Baa bambini threading beads by Haba, a few weeks ago and have been road testing it since. 

First impressions

When you first open the toy what you notice is the quality of the wooden beads and the string which are a good chunky size for little fingers and the beads are beautifully decorated. I was a bit unsure at first whether the Boy would like this toy as it is quite fiddly and he has only just started being interested in more complex toys.

Road testing

Luckily, I was wrong! There are 8 different beads and one long blue string. I first thought that there weren’t many pieces but as the toy is pretty fiddly for the Boy to do it actually feels like the right amount to keep his attention. The beads come with a string which is not knotted at the end so once the beads are on they can easily fall off, we fixed this pretty easily by tying something on the end which then kept them on the string. The string is easy for the Boy to hold and the bead holes are a good size to make this a toy which requires a good degree of dexterity. As you can see from the video review the difficulty of the beads did frustrate the Boy at times but that only made his success when completing each one even sweeter. The Boy also really liked the design on the beads of the animals, tractor and farmer and enjoyed picking a new one each time.


  • Good quality product
  • Especially good for toddlers who are moving into more complex toys
  • Comes with a really handy little bag which means we haven’t lost any pieces yet!
  • Nothing to stop beads falling off one end, although this is easily fixable
And the best endorsement I can give it is a direct quote from the Boy who said to me “I like this toy”. Here he is enjoying the beads on our first ever video review:
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6 Responses

  1. so jealous! I love those! xx

  2. Your little boy is gorgeous, i love how happy he is when he threads them 🙂

    • I definitely concur on the gorgeousness, I love how frustrated he gets because then he is so happy once he does it, I think its so important that they find things hard and then the joy in succeeding – good life lesson!

  3. He’s so cute 🙂 I love his face when he threads the pieces – and he’s so clever doing it without the threading tool!

  4. Such a cute squeal when your little lad manages to thread one! He’s adorable! The toys aren’t half bad either, lol! @chaoskay :O)

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