My maternity wardrobe

I have been lucky enough to receive some Mamas and Papas maternity clothes to review. In my ever expanding state these have been very welcome. What I love about maternity clothes is that they let me show off my normally worst feature, my stomach, and I can poke it out to my hearts content.

Not content with receiving these amazing clothes to review I thought I would be really cheeky and tweet to see if there were any photographers who wanted to snap me in the clothes in exchange for blog exposure. I really didn’t want dodgy photos of me all over the shop and wanted to do these beautiful clothes justice. Neil Parker a local photographer saw my appeal and offered his help.

Neil is trying to build his photography business after doing a diploma in digital photography last year. I was going to write more about the clothes and how fabulous they are but in reality Neil has done a far better job showing how wonderful the clothes and photography are than I could using the written word so here they are:

Here I am wearing jeggings and a flowery shirt. The jeggings are made of quite a thick material which means they hold their shape really well and have a high waist which really support the bump. They are a bit hot for warm days but better for colder ones and will be good in the winter. The shirt, which has lovely flower detail, is a multi-tasker and looks equally good with jeans or a smart skirt for work.

This is a beautiful maxi dress which is perfect when you want something a bit more dressy. I wore this for my 30th birthday party and gots lots of compliments. I love the detail on it.

This tunic dress is fab for the summer and really really comfortable, the vest underneath is really long and fits nicely over the bump.

Thank you to both Mamas and Papas and Neil.
I was given these clothes and photography for free to review but all opinions are my own.

11 Responses

  1. Beautiful 🙂 The maxi dress especially! I would love this job! Caz x

  2. Mama and Papas’ maternity gear is the absolute best. Their maternity leggings are the only ones I ever found that didn’t roll down over your bump like a broken window blind.

  3. And you look great too, by the way!

    • Ha ha, I know what you mean about the godawful rolling of some clothes, hoisting is a big bone with me, luckily these are so high they don’t have that problem! Thanks for reading

  4. Oh my goodness what a beautiful pregnant momma u are. I never looked this amazing pregnant! I went from silk size 8 to 14 (harley was nice big 9lb) but I put weight everywhere u look amazing. Enjoy that bump.x

  5. Your bump has grown a lot! You look fab! 🙂

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