The Brushing Song

The reason I started this blog was to have somewhere to record memories of when the Boy is young. Despite best endeavours memories are so fragile that they fall out of your head before you realise it.

Teeth brushing has never really been a battle in our house but it is hard getting the Boy to do it for more than 10 seconds before he announces “I’m finished”. We make up lots of silly songs at home and so I thought a Brushing Song might work, and it does! He will happily brush away for a couple of minutes as long as I am singing this song although the downside is, he won’t brush his teeth unless I am singing this song! Continue reading

I want to be a Doctor

Have you read Zog by Julia Donaldson? Its a lovely book about a dragon that ends up working as a flying ambulance. The Boy loves this book, so much so that for the past few months he keeps telling us that when he grows up he wants to be a doctor. Of course I am chuffed with this and would like to start training him for his career straight away. Imagine my delight when the fantastic When I Was A Kid sent us the John Crane General Hospital to review. Oh, and the Boy was a bit excited too. Continue reading

Silent Sunday

School of Parenting

The Boy is two years and nine months now and steadily becoming more and more independent which makes me proud, petrified and tired. He’s never really been one for temper tantrums but he is a stubborn one and knows his own mind. Overall though he is a very good child and I think the Man and I have had it fairly easy (cue payback with impending number 2): he never really touched anything he shouldn’t, never got into kitchen cupboards, never climbed the stairs when our backs were turned, never runs off, doesn’t hit or bite.

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Theraline Maternity Pillow competition – WINNER

Firstly I must apologise for the lateness of this draw. At the time of setting the closing date I didn’t know we would be off on a jaunt oop norf with no t’internet connection. Alas, better late than never right!

So, I used the very clever website Random Picker to choose from the 54 entries I had and it selected:

Claire Toplis

You can see the result of the draw andhow the selection is done here,

Congratulations Claire, please contact me at

In the Night Garden Live

Last week we went to In the Night Garden Live with the Boy and his friend (J) at Old Deer Park in Richmond. Arriving at the event was a bit like entering a spacecraft as it was held in a purpose made theatre which looked like a giant bubble. With a huge INTG balloon swaying outside the Boy and J found a sudden burst of energy and peeled towards the door. Continue reading

Silent Sunday

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Guest Post – Aggie MacKenzie’s Easy Recipes for Kids

This is the first ever guest post which appears on my Blog, another first for me! Aggie approached me about this and offered a post which included some recipes for kids. Always on the lookout for something new to cook with the Boy, and fitting in with my love of Food I thought it would be a good match. I hope you like it.

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Why did I ever buy a bloody sandpit?

If you are a parent who has also made this mistake I am not sure I need to write much more than this but for those of you who are yet to make such a fatal mistake, read on.

I thought he would love it and have so much fun playing in the garden while I chill out and watch him on my giant beanbag. I was correct. He does love it and I do get to relax on my beanbag while he spends hours hiding things in the sand, burying his feet or “drinking” a cup of sand. That is lovely.  Continue reading

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday