Thinking Big Supporting Small

I am very pleased to introduce to you When I Was a Kid, a fantastic toy shop run by father to two Paul Warner. I have chosen Paul to be the first beneficiary of my Supporting Small Businesses campaign as he gave me the idea, inadvertently I might add. Paul, as with many small businesses sometimes struggles to attract new customers and it was one such tweet of his which gave me this idea that the blogging community could use its influence to help support the smaller businesses which cannot afford wide scale advertising.

Here is When I Was a Kid, in Pauls own words

Hi my name is Paul Warner and I have been married for 17 years and I am a daddy to 2 girls and the owner of When I Was a Kid, a family owned toy shop.

I started the company in 2006 with a mission to delivery proper children’s toys coupled with good old fashioned proper customer service.  I was galvanised into action after a very sad and unappealing visit to our local toy superstore.

Our website now features hundreds of toys and each one has been hand selected by me so not only do we set a very high standard with the quality of the toys we offer but we also get to know the toys inside out as there isn’t a single to that we offer that I haven’t played with – it’s a tough job sometimes and I am not sure any of the big high street names could match this!

We have worked hard to try and build a company that treats their customers just like we would want to be treated as parents buying gifts so we have things like sending you an email on the day your order is going to arrive telling you what time it will be delivered so you don’t have to wait in all day!

The bottom line is simple, the whole company has been built up around you the customer and how we can give you the best possible service and deliver your best childhood memories in a box.

Paul Warner

Daddy & Owner, When I Was a Kid

Thanks to @ChelleMcCann for the great name for this idea!

5 Responses

  1. Lovely sounding company

  2. This is a lovely idea to support small businesses. I hadn’t heard of When I Was a Kid before, but it looks great and it’s now firmly bookmarked!

  3. Oh that’s a fab site.

    One for favourites me thinks

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