Caring Cat

Just so you know, I didn’t decide to write this post after seeing Rosie Scribbles top tips for Bloggers – honestly! No really, I have been wanting to post this video for a while as it just makes me chuckle but I have only just managed to get the video file off my blackberry (its a work phone and they block everything but as I am leaving today, yay, I’ve got a new phone and I managed to swap the memory card, learn some new techy skills and hey presto!)

This video is in March 2011 when the Boy is 16 months old and recently started walking. Here’s what happened:

  • He agreed to walk to the shops (now I know he was only little so I was prepared to carry him for a bit)
  • He sat down on the pavement, 20 feet from the house (that’s about 10 seconds of walking time) and refused to walk any longer
  • I said I wouldn’t carry him yet and he had to make it to the end of the road, a further 50 feet.
  • Mexican standoff ensued, and then the cat came over…


Now I know what you’re thinking so here are the FAQs for the event:

Q – why didn’t I just carry him

A – because I am stubborn


Q – why did I think of videoing this

A – because it was cute and funny and he was fine


Q – what happened in the end

A – I carried him

2 Responses

  1. Oh bless him. I sometimes feel like sitting on a pavement and doing that!

  2. Kitties do seem to know when people are upset don’t they, ours used to come and fuss our kids when they were crying. Cute & funny! I’ve dealt with many a tantrum like that! (still do, tbh!) @Chaoskay

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