Millets Farm and Maize Maze

We have just returned from a lovely day out at Millets Farm and Maize Maze. I am knackered and content as the Boy is in bed after saying “I have a fun time today” and I am going to treat myself to my weekly glass of wine and go to bed early. But first, the key details:

Who – me, the Boy and my lovely friend (replacing the Man who has buggered off gone on a stag do.)

Where – Millets is in Oxfordshire near Abingdon. From Surrey it took us 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there which was quite a trip but considering we were there for 5 hours it was worth it.

What – The better question is what not! Millets calls itself a Farm Centre but really I think it could rebrand itself as an amusement park due to the huge range of activities on offer. There are three mazes which take 10 minutes, 20 minutes and the giant Alice in Wonderland themed maze which can take up to an hour and a half. In each maze there is a different activity to keep you amused on the way round. My favourite was in the smallest maze where you find 5 different “fairy stations” which have small pots of paint in. You then dip each finger in a paint and at the end there is a chart where you can find your special combination (there are 120) and it gives you a fortune. My fortune was “you are the salt of the earth”.

There is a really nice games area in front of the mazes which has giant jenga, giant chess, ride on tractors, trampolines, a big bouncy castle, a football shooting game and big bales of hay which you can climb and jump on. The area had lots of picnic tables too so you could sit down and relax while the little ones ran wild.

We also did a free tractor ride around past the fishing lakes which the Boy really enjoyed, they are only 10 minutes long so really good for little ones who tend to get bored easily. There was a giant carousel outside the maze which cost £1.50 per ride but it seemed to go on for a long time so you do get your moneys worth.

The farm shop is the kind of shop you could spend hours just browsing with fresh local vegetables and fruit, a fish counter, a meat counter, a cheese counter, hundreds of different jams and preserves, home made cakes and biscuits, spices, real ales, cider and everything else you can think of.

Things we didn’t even have time to try include; a big Pick Your Own area, a children’s play area and farm zoo, a huge garden centre, pedal karting and a lovely picnic area by the lake.

Why – This is a fantastic family day out for all ages. The three different mazes are great for entertaining even the littlest toddler to the more challenging maze for the grown ups. Aside from the maze the activities on offer are more suited for younger children (under 10s) but there are a few which can occupy older ones, like the pedal karting. For adults it is a foodies delight with the PYO and farm shop. I was really impressed at how much you could do in one place and although we spent 5 hours there I think we could have occupied ourselves for another 5 quite easily. There really is something for everyone at Millets and I think we will definitely be going back.

We received free entry and lunch for the trip today but the views expressed above are all my own (despite the blatant attempts of bribery with delicious cakes).

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  1. We have been to Millett’s many a time as my brother lives only 10 minutes away. It’s an amazing centre with some incredible facilities there. The actual farm shop is decadent! A shame you didn’t get onto the Children’s Farm because it is brilliant, but understandable with so much to do!

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