Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

36 Responses

  1. Ooh, slightly eerie…and very cool! 😉

    🙂 Karin

    • Walking round yesterday it kept reminding me of the film Field of Dreams

  2. he he great photo x

    • Thanks 🙂

  3. finding a quiet spot for a wee? ha ha

    • Ha ha! No, check out my review of Millets Maize Maze from yesterday

  4. At his size that must be a bit like walking through a forest. It’s a very cute picture. x

    • It must be odd to be so high but he really enjoyed it, especially when we found some corn on the floor and peeled it and he even took a bite!

  5. nice photo, did you have fun?

    • Twas fab, thoroughly recommend it for a day trip

  6. Omg I’d be worried to lose him!

    • He is so good I never have to worry about that, he just waits for me. He is a very cautious boy

  7. Honey I shrunk the kids?!

    • Honey I Rained A Lot and Blew Up the Maize 😉

  8. Oooh it seems slightly scary! Great shot!

    • Luckily he loved it but I know what you mean.

  9. Field of Dreams – that’s EXACTLY what I thought. It was on TV a few weeks ago.
    “If you build it, he will come….”

    • Oh no, wish I’d seen it, I love that film!

  10. It was so tall, wasn’t it! xx

    • Yes, it was great. High enough to be challenging but if you really needed to you could pop your head over

  11. that looks like something from a film!

    • Its from Field of Dreams 😉

  12. are you in a maize maze? we’re going to our local one next week 🙂

    • Yes, its at Millets Farm in Oxfordshire, my review is here

  13. Nice shot – doesn’t he look small against those plants?

  14. I love the Maize Mazes…such fun!

  15. Did he step in?? x

    • Yes, and quickly back out as it poked him in the sides 🙂

  16. wow I thats seriously tall – good shot x

    • He is quite short though! I love the purple of his shirt against the green maize.

  17. Aha, more maize maze! Lovely shot, looks like the Field of Dreams!

    • I know, I was walking around all day muttering “if you build it, he will come”

  18. looks like fun 🙂

    • It was, he was very cute running to every junction and saying excitedly “which way which way”

  19. Amazing!

  20. That’s a cute one.

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