Why did I ever buy a bloody sandpit?

If you are a parent who has also made this mistake I am not sure I need to write much more than this but for those of you who are yet to make such a fatal mistake, read on.

I thought he would love it and have so much fun playing in the garden while I chill out and watch him on my giant beanbag. I was correct. He does love it and I do get to relax on my beanbag while he spends hours hiding things in the sand, burying his feet or “drinking” a cup of sand. That is lovely. 

But then he gets out of the sandpit.

And he insists on running straight into the house trailing sand all over the laminate floors in the dining room which is annoying but can be handled with minimum fuss with a good sweeping brush. And then he makes a beeline for the living room, the carpeted living room, the cream carpeted deep pile living room. And I stand there, shocked until my brain manages to compute the severity of the situation and I screech in what feels like slow motion “noooo stop”  akin to something from a 1950s horror movie. And I swear he turns around and smiles and continues on his merry way.

And for those of you who have been to a beach in your life know, sand gets everywhere. Its hardy stuff which cannot be eradicated with a good hoover and it manages to hang around in every nook and cranny possible until you want to pull your hair out. So now I walk through a crunchy house with sand stuck in the deepest depths of my lovely carpet. I am finding it everywhere, a nice rim around the bottom of the shower, a trail up the stairs, in my bra. And I hate sand.

So to all those parents who think you would like to treat your child to a nice jolly sandpit, be warned.

14 Responses

  1. Ha, ha this makes me laugh, you too are living in my nightmare!! Our sandpit is going to disappear!

  2. We don’t have the door to the house open when the sand pit is in use. My worst nightmare is about to come true… a sand and water table has been brought for LT’s birthday – can you imagine anything worse SAND and WATER mixed…. must not interfere

  3. We have a sand & water table……it was ok with just the water in, then we got sand, he poured all the water into the sand & threw lumps of it around the garden….it’s now full of mud over the opposite side of the garden to his water table. I hate sand too, especially on holiday…..kids, suncream & sand is my idea of hell !

  4. Ha Ha – my sand and water table found it’s way to the charity shop a LONG time ago………

  5. Hate sand. However as he gets older will turn to mud, crayons, glue….

    My advice.

    Put lots of rugs down, ugly ones. They will remain spotless….

  6. There is now no sand in our sandpit. Instead it is all over the garden, in the flower pots, oh yes, and it has found its way into every corner the house. Oh joy. There is nothing worse than undoing turned up trousers to put them in the washing machine and have half a sandpit empty itself on to the floor! I have perfected the ‘creative fun is good’ smile, behind which are gritted teeth…

  7. Having just got back from a beach holiday we are still removing sand from our life… fortunately the ruse of putting the sandpit across the lawn means that the grass gets rid of most of the sand

    That and hosing them down before I let them into the house obviously

  8. I too hate the stuff..especialy when it gets under my fingernails!

  9. lol i feel your pain, i seem always to have bits of sand everywhere at the moment.

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