Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

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  1. Awww No words needed here

  2. fantastic picture I think girl xx

  3. Awww you are pregnant! Actually I think I did know that afterall! Oooh I wonder! Beautiful whatever the sex xx

  4. awww what a lovely clear picture 🙂

  5. Just beautiful x

  6. Wow, that is amazing, I had one done but Iyla was a big too big so the photos weren’t very clear. She looks exactly the same as she did in the photo though, such an amazing thing to be able to look at in 20 years x

    • I think we were really lucky with its position and size, the sonographer said it all depends on how much fluid there is in between the womb and the face so we obviously picked the right time.They say between 24-32 weeks and we went for 28 weeks

  7. aw how completely amazing – every one a little miracle xx

  8. Wow, I wished they had 4D (?) when I was pregnant. What a beautiful picture. X

  9. oh wow! i have a picture like this with my LO that is now 28 months old! such a nice memory!

  10. oh my goodness have no idea on sex but it made me smile. Having mine next week. Good luck x

  11. Oh wow! amazing! I have always been too scared to get a 4d scan done, well done you! How long have you got left?

  12. Congratulations!

  13. simply stunning x

  14. Oh that is just the most beautiful scan photo! You have set me all a flutter…..broody! x

  15. Wooooow. That’s your baby! I still can’t quite believe that they can get pictures this good when the little one in still in your tummy. Awesome. x

  16. Great pic! So clear! Congratulations, Lx

  17. *womb twitches*

  18. still find these completely amazing…. wow!

  19. Wow! I feel like talking really quietly here ssshhhh.
    Beautiful shot

  20. Just lovely… really. Congratulations.

  21. Such an amazing photo. The epitome of silent Sunday. Sleeping so peacefully.

  22. When I had my 4D scan I thought no way will baby look similar when it comes out but then I look at her now and at her 4D scan pic and it’s scary! I’m thinking a little boy!

  23. Oh wow! Congratulations! That’s making Mummy really broody 🙂

  24. So exciting, congratulations!

  25. Wow! How did I miss this! I think…..boy! xxx

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