In the Night Garden Live

Last week we went to In the Night Garden Live with the Boy and his friend (J) at Old Deer Park in Richmond. Arriving at the event was a bit like entering a spacecraft as it was held in a purpose made theatre which looked like a giant bubble. With a huge INTG balloon swaying outside the Boy and J found a sudden burst of energy and peeled towards the door.

The venue was very well set out with a few food and drink stands, lots of toilets and plenty of space for buggy parking. The seating was very spacious with big steps instead of proper seating which meant toddlers could wander free quite easily and lots of crawling space for babies. The only downside was that it was only carpeted very thinly so my bum was a bit painful afterwards but the kids didn’t complain! It was also small enough so wherever you sat you felt very close to the stage.

The inside of the theatre was lovely with light images displayed on the ceiling of various INTG characters which entertained the kids until the show started. When the show first started miniature Iggle Piggle and Makka Pakka puppets came onto the stage and although they were really well made and very cute they didn’t receive the same thunderous applause and excited faces as the life size characters which came on later.

The kids were engrossed throughout the one hour show, in which Makka Pakka washes everyones face, although there was almost a riot when the Upsy Daisy music kept coming on without the lady herself – when she finally did the happiness in the arena was clear to all, I think she is a firm favourite. All of the characters were there (except the neglected Wattingers) and even the birds made an appearance on the ceiling as a light show.

I love the theatre and really enjoy taking the Boy to these events but there are very few dedicated to the 1-4 age group. The content, duration and layout of this event was obviously created with this younger group in mind. INTG Live has future performances in Tunbridge Wells and London. Although knowing the show helps as the appearance of the characters is then more exciting I don’t think you need to have seen it to enjoy the performance.

The Boys final opinion was “I had a fun day” which is all I could have asked for!

I was provided with tickets to review this performance but all opinions are my own.

2 Responses

  1. Wow it looks fab x

  2. How fab, Erin would have loved this. I need to get on the right guest lists!! We have the literture fest in Chelt soon and that normally does some nice storytelling for pre schoolers.

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