Wicked the Musical – Guest Review

Thanks to Superbreak a good friend of mine went to see Wicked the Musical and has kindly reviewed it for my blog. I would love to see it so I was keen to hear more and share it with you all.

As an avid musical goer I was intrigued as to what Wicked would be like… it had been one I had heard mixed reviews about from blogs and friends so was not sure quite what to expect. My view beforehand was that the premise should provide great opportunity for interesting characters and costumes, but at the same time I was afraid that as a prequel it could be somewhat contrived, which in my opinion prequels often are. Continue reading

What have I done?

Today we went to Legoland, the weather was glorious, the Boy was lovely, he could go on lots of rides (just over 0.9m) and we had a super amount of fun.

But today I was a bad mother.

Continue reading

Cooking up a storm in a teacup

The Man and I love anything to do with food – cooking, shopping, eating and kitchen gadgets. We will happily spend hours in the kitchen at the weekend cooking up a storm although it does get a bit frustrating as our kitchen was made in the early 1900’s for what I can only assume were skinny midgets. Fitting two people in there is a nightmare and the cupboards are so darn full something is either smashed or one of us is bashed on the head by a falling object on a weekly basis. Continue reading

Win tickets to Peppa Pig Live

I have a family ticket (4 people, minimum 1 adult) to giveaway for Peppa Pigs Treasure Hunt at G Live in Guildford on Friday 14th October at 4pm. Continue reading

Silent Sunday


Thinking Big Supporting Small – Munchkins and Poppets

I am very pleased to introduce to you Munchkins and Poppets, a fantastic shop selling  a range of baby and toddler items run by mum of three, Helen. I have chosen Helen to be  the next beneficiary of my Supporting Small Businesses campaign as we have spoken on twitter on numerous occasions and apart from the fact she seems lovely, Helen told me that she is struggling to get the business to take off and was hoping something like this could give it a kick start. So please visit Helens website and have a look around. Continue reading