Silent Sunday



12 Responses

  1. Oh that is great – is that salt dough? I need the recipe for that! x

    • yes, we did half cup of salt, half cup of water and cup of flour. you can add cream of tartar for added flexibility but we didn’t have any

  2. a shark? with a snail on his tail…..very imaginative !!

    • Its a book, hoping someone will guess which one!

  3. play dough of sorts or really funky bread before baking?

    • a salt dough, so an uncooked play doh!

  4. A tiny snail, on the tail of a great big, grey-blue humpbacked whale? Love it! 😉

    • Yay!! Not exactly correct proportions but you got it 🙂

  5. The Snail & The Whale by Julia Donaldson?

    • Yes indeed, fab book. The Boy loves it

  6. We love salt dough in our house – have great fun making Christmas decs. You are very creative! x

  7. An homage to a great book, love it!

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