Cooking up a storm in a teacup

The Man and I love anything to do with food – cooking, shopping, eating and kitchen gadgets. We will happily spend hours in the kitchen at the weekend cooking up a storm although it does get a bit frustrating as our kitchen was made in the early 1900’s for what I can only assume were skinny midgets. Fitting two people in there is a nightmare and the cupboards are so darn full something is either smashed or one of us is bashed on the head by a falling object on a weekly basis. If by any chance a lovely and loaded person is reading this and wants to throw the £15k our way that a lovely extension would cost I wouldn’t turn my nose up at you, in fact I would most definitely kiss you (but don’t let that put you off).

Our kitchen counter either resembles the local landfill site whilst in the midst of cooking or a display counter for a kitchen shop the rest of the time, we literally have no space for anything, unless of course we revert to eating packet foods that don’t require the four hundred different herbs and spices we have spilling out of the cupboard. I have recently been trying out the new OXO Kitchenware Utensil Holder. Its a bit off the track of the usual baby products I review but I couldn’t resist something that looked like a kitchen gadget and what’s more claimed to be “a handy place for all of those essential cooking tools, de-cluttering overcrowded worktops and messy kitchen drawers, leaving you with a tidier, more organised space to get cooking in”

It is much bigger than the previous utensil holder we had so it takes up more room on our counter but it has freed up much needed drawer space. Where our wooden spoons, silicon spatulas, fish slices and slotted spoons were spread over two different drawers, the draining board and the previous utensil holder we now have them in one place. Our cleaner has expressed her appreciation too. I like the way it has three compartments so you can have different types of utensils in different places. I have no idea why we own four wooden spoons but they get to have their own section now. The spinning bit might be useful if you have a grand kitchen and need to spin rather than leaning that bit further over to reach a utensil but as you can imagine, we do not benefit from that feature.

So you might think that this isn’t the most exciting product in the world but it has definitely improved our kitchen. If you want to buy this it is available at Lakeland for £22.47.

I was provided with this product free of charge to review but all opinions are my own.

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