What have I done?

Today we went to Legoland, the weather was glorious, the Boy was lovely, he could go on lots of rides (just over 0.9m) and we had a super amount of fun.

But today I was a bad mother.

It was all going so well, rides galore, pizza and pasta buffet followed by some dinky donuts (hey, I’m pregnant!) and then we walked past the L Drivers ride, a sort of go karts for little ones. It looked so cute and fun but the sign said “3-5 year olds”. The Boy is two and three quarters (or two and three poo’s if you ask him but that’s another post) but he is super advanced, in fact I think he might even be a child genius. So why should a measly six weeks mean he can’t have a go on this fun looking ride? The only problem was the chirpy and ever so vigilant ride attendant who was asking the children as they walked in “how old are you”. Now here is where my perfect parenting crown came tumbling down. I told the Boy; “when she asks how old you are, say 3”. Why did I do it? A question which will undoubtedly keep me up for most of the night. My only excuse is that I was carried away with the fun of the day and to be honest I didn’t think he would do it.

The previous ride comes to an end, the Boy is getting closer to the ride attendant and her interrogation, my heart is pounding. He gets to the front and she kneels down, stares into his innocent blue eyes and asks him “how old are you” and cool as a cucumber he looked her right back in the eye and said “3”.

I was simultaneously impressed and heartbroken. How could he do it, so boldly and so easily? What have I done?

As a firm believer in karma I was not surprised when he got in the kart, put his foot down and promptly steered into the wall.


10 Responses

  1. and you wait until those lies start flying out of his mouth once he starts school ‘ have you done your homework’ ‘yes’, ‘did you get in trouble today’ ‘no’…..and you will only have yourself to blame!! they say the smart ones are the best liars., I think you have got yourself a little genius there!
    We all do it….on our last hol my son wanted to join in with activities so I told him to tell the instructor that he was 12, when he came round my son did indeed tell him he was 12…..and then my daughter piped up’no you’re not, you’re not even 11 yet’

  2. Just goes to show that he trusts you implicitly, if mummy says it, it must be true!

  3. At least he said something. I took a child I care for on that ride and when asked he didn’t say at all – he doesn’t talk to strangers.

  4. I do think the whole aged 3 thing is a bit arbitrary – there’s not a lot of difference between 2 and three quarters and 3…

    But enjoy when they start to fib – Bigger blamed Littler (who was asleep in the house at the time) and her imaginary friend, Caramel the cow, for a washing liquid induced disaster…

  5. We had a similar dilemma on holiday to Padstow a few weeks ago. OH and I were desperate to go back to Rick Stein’s seafood restaurant (with a lower age limit of 3 for kids), having had one of our best ever meals there pre-DD. She is now 2 and 9 months and delights in showing everyone two fingers held up and shouting out ‘TWO!’ when you ask her how old she is. We couldn’t rely on her to agree with us when we said she was three, so left it for another year, as she gets very indignant and corrects us very loudly when we say something that is clearly not true. I’m sure the ability to fib will come in time though…and am impressed the Boy is so obedient to his mummy!

  6. Hehe don’t worry soon you will be getting him to say he is younger in order to get In free.

    J x

  7. Ooh you’ve opened a can of worms loool

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