Happy Halloween

Not bad for my first ever attempt at pumpkin carving, if I say so myself!

The last hurdle

I am 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow, so within 3 weeks we should have a whole new bundle of joy with us. As previously mentioned I am excited and petrified at the same time. Although I think the strongest feeling I have is one of curiosity. Continue reading

Peppa Pig Live

Last week the Boy and I, along with the One He Loves and her mum went to see Peppa Pig Live at G Live in Guildford. We have been to the theatre quite a bit and the quality of performance aimed at the under 5s age range has been very variable so I am always a bit hesitant about what to expect. Continue reading

I made something else I am proud of!

Obviously first and foremost its the Boy, I really am very clever for making such an amazing and wonderful child and I constantly pat myself on the back for such an achievement. Yes, I am awesome (in this respect anyway!)  Continue reading

Toyjeanius review – Djeco opposites puzzle

We received our second Toyjeanius toy a couple of months ago now but have been having far too much fun playing with it that we have only just got around to reviewing it! We received a Djeco opposites duo puzzle which was suitably timed as the Boy has just started enjoying jigsaws and becoming much more capable with them. Continue reading

Reliving the newborn stage

Today I am 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant, therefore avoiding any unforeseen scenarios involving stubborn foetuses unwilling to vacate the premises, within 6 weeks there will be a new person in our lives and living with us in the outside world.

This prospect both excites and petrifies me. Continue reading

Help me name my lady bits

Its started. Whilst enjoying a bubbly splashy bath with the Boy this evening he looked at my lady area and this conversation followed:

the Boy: “where is your willy”

Me: “I don’t have a willy, I’m a girl” Continue reading

Pregnant summer days

Summer seems to be spread over 6 months of the year at the moment with a monsoon season in between. May, June, September and now October (!!) are the months to enjoy whilst we should be hibernating in July and August. Who is still trying to convince themselves that global warming is a myth? Continue reading

Sunday Shot


I was a big fan of Silent Sunday so I was saddened to see Jay end her fantastic idea. Although I know Silent Sunday is still going, ask anyone who knows me and the concept of silence is one I struggle with. I once tried to do a sponsored silence at school and I think I made it to 9.15am.

So here is my very own tribute to Silent Sunday in the form of a sequel. I am calling it Sunday Shot and its all the same but with words!

This photo of the Boy was taken on Tuesday at West Wittering beach and he is covered in sand and chocolate ice cream.