Pregnant summer days

Summer seems to be spread over 6 months of the year at the moment with a monsoon season in between. May, June, September and now October (!!) are the months to enjoy whilst we should be hibernating in July and August. Who is still trying to convince themselves that global warming is a myth?

Being pregnant in the heat isn’t great but to be honest its never really bothered me, I am too much of a sun worshipper to ever complain about it and therefore I try to ignore any downsides.

This past week has been fantastic – we’ve been swimming to an outside pool twice, to the park everyday, the Boy doesn’t usually put any clothes on until its time to go out, countless ice creams and don’t even get me started about how much washing I have done. And on top of all that I have finally been able to give my summer maternity wardrobe a proper outing. You may have seen my other post My Maternity Wardrobe which showcased some of the lovely maternity clothes provided to me by Mamas and Papas and photographed by the talented Neil Parker and this post follows on from that one with some more of the fabulous clothes I was lucky to receive.

This is a sleeveless blouse worn with a long cardigan and some jeggings. The blouse has some lovely button detail which makes it really pretty to wear with jeans, leggings or a pencil skirt. The cardigan (which is priced at an amazing £18 in the sale at the moment!) goes with lots of outfits, its really light so easy to carry around and is very very soft. It did get a little bobbly after being washed but you can easily pick them off and it doesn’t affect the cardigan at all.

This is me wearing some bootcut jeans, a t-shirt top and a checked scarf. The jeans are very comfortable and stretch really well so they are quite well fitted although there are some design faults in them, they have an over the bump band and I find these very annoying as they are always slipping down so I have to yank them up, this caused a slight hole in the gap between the jeans and the bump band. This is not a problem unique to Mamas and Papas though as I have had the same problem with pretty much all the maternity trousers I have ever had! The t-shirt top is a really comfy and light t-shirt which I have loved and was devastated when my washing machine ate holes out of it. The scarf is really nice and soft and has some lovely colours in it and I look forward to getting even more wear out of it when the weather is cooler.

Thanks to Mamas and Papas for providing me with the clothes for this post.

Thanks to Neil Parker of the Parker Collection who took some lovely photos of me which I will forever cherish, especially these ones of me and the Boy.

I was provided with these clothes and photography for free but all opinions are my own.

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  1. gorgeous photos & gorgeous clothes….and of course gorgeous boy – and you! I love the cardigan & you wouldn’t know it was a maternity one at all – I never worked out what made a maternity scarf different from a non maternity one?
    Great photos to look back on.

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