Toyjeanius review – Djeco opposites puzzle

We received our second Toyjeanius toy a couple of months ago now but have been having far too much fun playing with it that we have only just got around to reviewing it! We received a Djeco opposites duo puzzle which was suitably timed as the Boy has just started enjoying jigsaws and becoming much more capable with them.

First impressions

The puzzle comes in a lovely box which really appeals to me. It drives me crazy when you get toys with small pieces that come in flimsy packaging as the bits get lost so I was pleased to see it comes with a sturdy but small box which also has a small handle on so its great for travelling with. At first I thought the puzzles were a bit simple as each puzzle only had two pieces to it (hence duo puzzle!)

Road testing

When we started playing however, I realised that although the puzzles were simple in themselves with only two pieces to each combination the cleverness of this toy is in its meaning. It is not two halves of one picture which go together but rather two sides of a story. The puzzle displays various images of dogs, cats and rabbits in opposing circumstances – for example, a big dog and a small dog or a sleeping rabbit and an awake rabbit. This gave the Boy and I lots of opportunity to discuss the puzzles and learn about opposites. I am a big fan of learning through play and this puzzle was perfect for that. The actual pieces are really pretty and they are nice and chunky for toddler hands and fit together well.


  • Very good design, packaging and quality of toy.
  • Fantastic for learning through play and sharing with your toddler.
  • Comes in a nice small box which is perfect for taking out (which we did – on holiday, to restaurants and a wedding).
  • The only negative I can find for this toy is that sometimes the opposites are not exactly opposites which can make it more difficult for me to explain.
Here is the Boy showing off his opposite matching skills

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4 Responses

  1. This puzzle looks really good, I love playing that inspires conversations and learning too. Great review! :O)

  2. What a lovely review! Boy is so cute and clever too!

    I’ll have to have a look out for this on Toy Jeanius, we love Djeco designs too x

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