The last hurdle

I am 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow, so within 3 weeks we should have a whole new bundle of joy with us. As previously mentioned I am excited and petrified at the same time. Although I think the strongest feeling I have is one of curiosity. I am curious to know just what Poppy will be like (FYI – Poppy is our “bump” name but we don’t know the sex). You just imagine that your second baby will be the same as your first – its been made the same way, with the same ingredients so why won’t it just be a carbon copy. However life tells us differently, anyone who has a brother or sister or has observed siblings can see that this simply isn’t the case.

My pregnancy has also taught me that just because the Man and I have made another baby, it doesn’t mean that things will repeat themselves. This pregnancy has been quite different to the Boys in many ways, although some parts have been identical. Poppy is so much more active than the Boy was, almost constantly moving about and giving my insides a real kicking, Poppy has actually made me jump with surprise (and pain) sometimes. I have had very strong Braxton Hicks with lower back pain since 33 weeks, with the Boy I had Braxton Hicks but didn’t realise what they were until very late on (so they didn’t bother me much!). On the upside I haven’t been on a Gaviscon diet this pregnancy needing it only a handful of times compared to all day every day from 16 weeks with the Boy. I am fully expecting a baldy baby! One of the biggest surprises for me is my weight gain as I have put on one stone, compared to two and a half with the Boy. My food cravings have been the same so I can’t quite figure out why there is such a dramatic difference. Not that I am complaining, I just hope I manage to lose two and a half stone in three weeks like last time!

And now I am just waiting, wondering whether Poppy will follow the Boy and be overdue (the Boy was 9 days late) or perhaps decide to do things differently and arrive early. Perhaps this will give me the first clue as to Poppy’s personality in the outside world.

Wish me luck!!

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