By Carla Changing Mat

Baby Girl is now 3 weeks old and we are settling into a good routine and I haven’t even opened my Gina Ford book yet! As she is sleeping in our room at night her bedroom was getting a bit redundant as nappy changes can be done pretty much anywhere at this non-moving age. We started a bedtime routine last week so we are getting some use out of the nursery now as she sleeps in there from 7pm – 10.30pm. This makes me very happy as its a lovely room and the nursing chair is oh so comfy for feeding (and snoozing!) Continue reading

Things I forgot about having a newborn baby

  • Drinking a hot cup of tea is a rare luxury.
  • Going out without a bump or a baby is very ordinary, no one smiles at you.
  • Breastfeeding in winter is not always pleasant. Continue reading

Interflora sell flowers…. HINT HINT

As I may have already mentioned, once or twice, I very cleverly gave birth to a beautiful Baby Girl last week. I carried her in my tummy for 9 months, I pushed her out of me with no drugs and minimal emotional scarring to my wonderful husband and since her birth I have been lovingly caring for her for at her beck and call. So why, please tell me, does this only deserve two bunches of flowers compared to the five or six we received when the Boy was born? Continue reading

Life with two – one week in

Its been 8 days since Baby Girl graced us with her presence. This time 3 years ago the Boy was 3 days old and baby blues were about to set in leaving me in floods of tears each day alongside a feeling of inadequacy, loss of self confidence and utter confusion about this whole parenting malarkey. It was a really difficult time and it took me a while to get used to life as a parent. I was very worried about how things would be this time, there would not only be a newborn in the house but a toddler too – double trouble! Continue reading

My big boy and my baby girl

Happy 3rd birthday beautiful Boy and welcome to the world gorgeous Girl.

Birth Story – Part 2

Hello again, it is now 6.15pm on the 6th November and our baby has been with us for 12 whole hours. I am very shattered and not overly in the mood for a blog post but I really want to get everything down before I forget it.

So I left off with the Man taking the Boy to the house of the One He Loves and as usual he was a superstar as he went straight to bed in her room, having never spent a night there before so I was pleasantly surprised when the Man was back home within 15 minutes. Continue reading

Birth story – Part 1

So I am sitting here at 2am on the 6th November and having contractions which are getting more regular and more painful. While I wait for things to really hot up I thought I would write down what has happened so far, I doubt I will have much time thereafter! Continue reading