Thinking Big Supporting Small – Arcadian House

I am very pleased to introduce to you Arcadian House. Claire Tristram, mum of two, took a huge gamble leaving a job in property management to pursue her dream of working for herself in a creative industry. I am inspired by anyone who makes such a life changing decision in order to achieve a happier work life balance for all the family. As such I am pleased to support Claire in my Thinking Big Supporting Small campaign and I hope you will have a look at her website.

Here is Arcadian House, in Claire’s own words

Arcadian House was founded in 2010 by its Director and Interior Designer, Claire Tristram. Drawing on personal skills, knowledge and experience, as well as those of other highly valued collaborators, the idea of a business bringing together three complimentary services under one roof was born. 

Since buying my first flat at the age of 21 and renovating several properties since I have had a passion for Interior Design but for practical reasons to fit around young children I embarked on a career in estate agency. It was an interesting time and I learnt a lot but eventually the urge to do something more creative took over and I went back to school to study Interior Design. I’m now doing what I’ve always enjoyed doing for myself, always wanted to do professionally and what I know I do best. Good design makes the world of difference to peoples working and living environment and I love helping to make that happen.

I am also a wife and busy Mum to two children and as any parent knows organisational skills come into their own when raising a family.  This is why Arcadian House offers more than just Interior Design.  All three services complement each other: Interior Design spills over into Venue Styling and skills such as organisation, attention to detail, working to deadlines and creative thought required in both of those areas are also applied in Lifestyle Management.  This covers many tasks that so many of us leading busy lives are choosing to outsource.  From relocation services to admin support and so much more in between the aim is to provide clients with “assistance from a distance” and peace of mind that they will receive a first class service from a company that understands the demands of modern life.  

Claire Tristram

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