Birth story – Part 1

So I am sitting here at 2am on the 6th November and having contractions which are getting more regular and more painful. While I wait for things to really hot up I thought I would write down what has happened so far, I doubt I will have much time thereafter!

On Thursday I had quite a few shows (if you don’t know what one is, don’t ask!) and thought that things would start thereafter but apart from having hallucinatory labour dreams on Thursday night leading to no sleep, nothing really did and more frustratingly nothing happened all day Friday, apart from me being totally knackered all day.

On Saturday I felt quite leaky all day but nothing serious and had a few more bloody shows but felt quite sprightly during the day. The day was quite momentous as the Boy had an afternoon nap, something he hasn’t done since he was 19 months old and flat out refused. I told him if he did he could come with us to the fireworks display and funfair but I still didn’t think he would. 2 hours of sleep for him and a lovely relax for me and I was officially shocked. So off we all went to the local display which was really impressive (ouch, a contraction) and the Boy went on some rides with the Man, one of which probably set me off into labour. Remind me not to trust the ride attendants when they look at the Boy and say “yeah sure its fine for him”. The last time we went to this fireworks display was three years ago and the following morning my waters broke with the Boy (and he was born 24 hours later) – I like to scare ’em out of me!

We arrived home at about 9pm and put the Boy to bed and an hour later I started feeling pains in my bump, which were more intensely focussed on my bump area and bum in comparison to the Braxton Hicks I have been having for weeks. So I started timing them using the great website, Contraction Master and this showed that the pains were coming every 5-15 minutes for about 45 seconds each. After seeing a pattern I put on my TENS machine, which I didn’t use last time and I’m really pleased I got one this time (and the Man is too as he was fed up of rubbing my back last time!)

At about 12 I called the hospital and asked what they thought. The Community Midwife who would attend my homebirth called me back and said I should call back when my contractions are more regular and 5 minutes apart. I think we are getting to that stage now as they are 4-6 minutes apart and more painful (although not so bad as I am typing through one now, with gritted teeth). So I have packed the Boys bag and think I shall go and wake the Man so he can take him to my friends house. I know he might sleep through it all but I think I would relax more knowing we don’t have to worry about him.

5 Responses

  1. What an amazing post. This will be so lovely to read back over time as well. Massive congrats to you and your OH. So thrilled for you.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I am back there going through it all again myself reading this. Waiting for the next installment!

  3. lovely news. looking forward to the next installment.
    much love, liz x

  4. And i was there teeeting you!! It happened really fast didnt it after i said goodnight?? She is just beautiful and well done you 🙂 xx

  5. great post! Congratulations

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