Birth Story – Part 2

Hello again, it is now 6.15pm on the 6th November and our baby has been with us for 12 whole hours. I am very shattered and not overly in the mood for a blog post but I really want to get everything down before I forget it.

So I left off with the Man taking the Boy to the house of the One He Loves and as usual he was a superstar as he went straight to bed in her room, having never spent a night there before so I was pleasantly surprised when the Man was back home within 15 minutes. This was about 2.30am and my contractions were every 4-6 minutes lasting about a minute each. We then set up the birthing room and this made my contractions come much more frequently so at 3am I called the Community Midwife and told her the current status and she said she would be here within an hour. I was in a little bit of pain in my bump, bum and lower back but nothing major that the TENS machine didn’t help with. At 3.30am they started cranking up in pain and I ended up lying over the birth ball with my head resting on it as it was so nice and cool.

The midwife arrived at about 4am when my contractions were much more frequent, every 2-3 minutes but they were very short lasting only 30-60 seconds and in between them I could talk and walk about fine. She told me she had no gas and air or oxygen because she hadn’t been to the hospital yet and would wait to see if she had time to go or if the second CMW would bring some. I was slightly disappointed because I was hoping it might help but I didn’t really like it last time so I was in two minds. Because the contractions were so frequent it took her ages to do all the checks in between them – my blood pressure, my heart rate, baby’s heart rate and eventually she went to examine me. I was petrified at this stage, three years ago when the same midwife examined me with the Boy, she told me I was 1cm dilated and that he had turned back to back and labour would be 18-24 hours longer. This time however she examined me and said my cervix was “paper thin”, “membranes were bulging” and I was a good 6cm – this was the best news and I was invigorated with new energy and determination to get things going. So I started walking up and down the stairs and my contractions were still very frequent (every 1-2 minutes) and lasting for, what felt like, about a minute each but they were now much more painful and I was “ow ow ow-ing” a lot. Because they were so frequent I had contractions at the top of the stairs, at the bottom of the stairs, in the dining room, in the bathroom and at about 4.45am I had a contraction in the dining room and felt so much pressure in my bum that I had to cross my legs. During another contraction at the bottom of the stairs, on our lovely newly cleaned cream carpet, the CMW suggested that as I had a pushing feeling I should probably come up to the birthing room (no cream carpets and sensible plastic sheeting!). So I did and a couple of contractions later (at 5am) my waters broke with a huge gush all over the floor. I said I felt like I needed to push and the CMW told me to just go with what I felt I needed to do, which was weird because I thought I needed to push but then started doubting myself (with the Boy I was in theatre under an epidural so I never felt the need to push and was guided through it instead). She hadn’t examined me again to see if I was fully dilated so I was a bit dubious I really was ready. During each next contraction, which felt like they were slightly further apart I felt like pushing down so I did, although not that effectively as I was screaming. During one of these the second CMW came in and although I knew I could now have the G&A if I asked, I thought to myself that as I had gotten so far without it, why not carry on.

I don’t think my pushing was really effective at this stage as I heard the second CMW whisper “tell her to stop screaming and close her mouth” and “tell her to push into her bum” so I decided to listen and I started to make a real effort to make no noise and just push down. Then came the feeling like doing a huge poo which was too big to come out, but I persevered and a couple of contractions later felt something pop. At this point I knew it was the head and the CMW was saying push, no stop and breathe out, push, stop and breathe out (its not so easy to stop pushing on demand!) and then I felt a really weird sensation as she twisted the shoulders out and then relief. I had given birth on all fours lying over the couch in the baby’s room. The baby was crying but I couldn’t summon up the energy to turn around just yet, and I was just enjoying hearing the cries. I then realised I had no idea what sex it was so I told the Man to find out and he told me, to my genuine shock, “its a girl”. Its funny, I had a feeling it was a girl but I really expected to have another boy. She was born at 5.30am and the placenta came really quickly thereafter at 5.35am, I think I had the injection but didn’t even notice it.

We did skin to skin for a while and after what felt like a lifetime, because I really wanted to know, the CMW finally examined me and said I had a very small tear which wouldn’t require any stitches – a bit different to the episiotomy I had with the Boy! She had a bit of a feed and then I had a lovely bath and went to bed, while she cried and cried and prompted the Man to google “how to get a newborn to sleep” on his phone. He bought her back up to me shortly thereafter and I tried to feed her to sleep but she was very restless and moved about making lots of gorgeous newborn noises until about 10am when she finally zonked out – and has been that way ever since!

So there it is, sorry its so long and if you made it this far, thanks for reading!

We don’t have a name yet as we had no girls ideas but I think we will give her one eventually. She is still Poppy for now. The Boy came home in the afternoon and he was very excited to meet his sister and we have a lovely video of their first meeting. It has been a shattering but amazing day. I delivered a baby – at home and with no drugs, I feel so clever!

Oh and she is bloody gorgeous!!

8 Responses

  1. What a fab birth story! So pleased it went so well for you 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like a beautiful birth experience. Enjoy the newborn first hazy days!

  3. Wonderful news ans so well re counted! Congratulations and well done 🙂

  4. wow. you really are a superstar. I’m so impressed and so happy for you and you’ve given me hope that I can do it too after a similar first birth experience.


    you are so clever and she is indeed very beautiful!!!!


  6. Congratulations! What a lovely birth story, thank you for sharing. Enjoy your little one x

  7. Wow! Congratulations, great birth story. Enjoy this amazing time.

  8. Beautifully written on little sleep. Total respect for you doing it at home with no pain relief, I never managed it despite having 6!

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