Interflora sell flowers…. HINT HINT

As I may have already mentioned, once or twice, I very cleverly gave birth to a beautiful Baby Girl last week. I carried her in my tummy for 9 months, I pushed her out of me with no drugs and minimal emotional scarring to my wonderful husband and since her birth I have been lovingly caring for her for at her beck and call. So why, please tell me, does this only deserve two bunches of flowers compared to the five or six we received when the Boy was born? I did the same things and produced the same result dammit so where is my flowery reward? Is it just me who has been sorely neglected second time round?

So instead I have perused the Interflora website and chosen some virtual flowers which I would have liked to receive. I love dainty flowers, freesias are my favourites so I would love this elegant and pretty bouquet which have some obligatory baby girl pink roses in, perfect for toasting our new arrival.

Alternatively I don’t need baby themed bouquets and would have been perfectly contented with these gorgeous romantic flowers full of vibrant pink and oranges nicely set off with bright green leaves.

So if any of my friends and family are reading this post I would like to inform them that Interflora offer flowers by post which means you can sit on your bottom at your computer and order flowers at the click of a button. And although I have certain flower preferences, I am certainly not fussy and would happily receive any flowers so order away!

I suppose that first time round it is more of a life changing event and certainly Baby Girl has slotted into our lives rather than our world being turned upside down by the Boy but its as though people think its like riding a bike, you’ve done it once so you can do it again. However flowers are acceptable for any occasion and are a wonderful way to welcome a baby into the world so buy away people!

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