Baby Girl – one month on

Baby Girl was one month old last week but already I can’t remember life without her. I thought I remembered everything there was about having a newborn baby having only done it 3 years ago with the Boy but I find myself asking questions over and over and feel like I am learning all over again. We are not sure if we are going to have any more children but just in case I thought it would be a good idea to record this first month so I can remind myself of it one day and look back at these special early days.

Baby Girl is beautiful and although I’m biased lots of people have told me that so its a fact! She took to breastfeeding like a pro straightaway just like her brother although this time god did it hurt when my milk came in, especially as that night at 3 days old she decided to sleep from 12am – 8.30am and wouldn’t even entertain feeding when I tried to force it on her at 4am, so although she slept I was up at 5am expressing the pain away. I feel like I have so much milk as I am always leaking, something which never happened with the Boy unless I missed a few feeds, but she has plenty of wet and dirty nappies so I assume its getting through. She is now almost poking out the end of her newborn babygros so I feel like she is gaining weight well. With the Boy we were at clinic every week getting him weighed but this time, apart from the fact I probably wouldn’t find the time to do this, they weigh them at 2 weeks and then not again until 6 weeks. They do like to change the government guidelines a lot!

We introduced a bottle of expressed milk at 3 weeks which, for a few days, she refused to take from the Man but would take happily from me. Last week I went to bed early and the Man tried to give her the bottle but again she refused, so far we have figured out that she will only take it from him if I am in the room too. I have tried explaining that this is defeating the object!

She has the same nap troubles as her big bro, finding her moses basket repulsive for daytime naps and preferring to be in the sling, buggy or carseat. This works better this time as we are out and about with the Boy much more. She is loosely following the Gina Ford routine, or what I can remember of it as I’ve not opened the book this time! I think a big reason I am so much more routine relaxed with her is because she sleeps so well at night, sleeping 5-8 hour stints most nights and boy does it help. The couple of bad nights she has had have made me cranky mummy the next day and I have much less patience with the Boy which is horrible for us all.

The couple of difficulties she has had are up top and down below. She gets very windy and sometimes screams with pain but we have started using Infacol and it seems to be working, at least when I don’t use it for a couple of feeds she seems much worse, so we will keep using it for now. The worst pain she was in was between weeks 1 and 3 when she would really struggle to poo and could only go every 3 days. They were breastfed runny poos so it wasn’t constipation and I know every 3 days can be normal for breastfed babies but she was screaming in agony and straining. It was like she didn’t know what to do to get it out and it was heartbreaking to watch her in so much pain. We decided to try cranial osteopathy. Even though she had a very easy birth with no intervention, I put on very little weight during pregnancy and wondered if she had been quite squashed inside. In any case we had a cranial osteopath who we trusted as he worked on the Boy so I thought it was worth a try. He did some work on her gut and her head and during the session we could hear air bubbles popping inside her. Since the visit she has pooed every day (bar one 3 day break) and hasn’t had any more straining. It was the best £40 I have spent on her so far.

We’ve had some tentative first smiles, I think she is testing out her smile muscles and they are so cute. She is having more awake time every day and after the first two weeks where she seemed to sleep or feed for 24 hours a day we are getting to see her beautiful big brown eyes.

The Boy is lovely with her although a bit uninterested most of the time, to be fair she doesn’t do much! My favourite moment was when he walked into the room and told me “My heart belongs to Poppy”

Of course there have been some tears from me and some moments where I have wondered “what about what I want” whilst trying to breastfeed, cook dinner for the Boy and keep the kitchen tidy all at the same time but at least this time round I know that things will get easier so that spurs me on. I am very lucky that the Man works from home so although he is upstairs working most of the day, he does come down for 5/10 minutes here and there and I can pop to the loo or have a cup of tea. He travels sometimes so I do cope on the days when he isn’t here but its very nice to know I have backup if I need it – like when Baby Girl does an explosive poo just when we have to leave for preschool!

I am enjoying my extended family and in many ways I want to keep Baby Girl this tiny forever but I do look forward to the days where I have enough time on my hands to give the Boy more focus and attention again and play with Baby Girl, not just feed her. Now let me think about number three!!

3 Responses

  1. 3 IS he magic number!!!!!

    Work winding down a bit now so will be over soon! Maybe Monday??


  2. Z was never much interested in S either…maybe a boy thing!

    Sounds like you are doing great! 🙂

    • He is so cute with her though at times, popped her on his bed this morning while I went to get some clothes, came back and he had laid down next to her and tucked them both in with his duvet.

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