Birthing Shirt review

When I was pregnant I was given a birthing shirt from The Birthing Shirt Company to review during my pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding. Now Baby Girl is 6 weeks old I think I have road tested it enough and thanks to her being in bed she is giving me time to share my experience!

First Impressions

When the Birthing Shirt arrived I liked how soft the material was and the navy blue colour. The shirt seemed well thought through with slits on the side for labour and popper buttons for breastfeeding and skin to skin cuddles.

Road Testing

The material feels like a really stretchy jersey material so although it hugs the body it doesn’t feel tight at all and is very comfortable to move about in. As it is made of bamboo it kept me cool during the hot summer nights as well as nice and snug during the winter. Having said that, I would prefer it to have a long sleeved option for when my arms are out of bed during night feeds.

I was very active whilst in labour walking round the house and up and down stairs in the Birthing Shirt. During my last labour I remember being very frustrated with what I was wearing and changing my clothes a few times (as we were at home for most of it this was possible) but this time I didn’t even think about the shirt in the midst of my agony contractions so I think that is a definite plus point.  I will also assume that the midwives approved of the shirt as a Birthing outfit as there were no complaints about it and when Baby Girl was crowning I remember feeling the midwife just lift the lower part to see what was happening, thanks to the handy slits down the side. After Baby Girl was born I did get a bit frustrated with the shirt as I think my body was feeling very sensitive so, as my dignity and inhibitions had been ruined by childbirth anyway, I ripped it off and sat there in the buff! However once I was a bit more relaxed (and cold) I put it back on and had Baby Girls first ever feed. She is so wrapped up as she got a bit cold, apparently this is common in home births as hospitals are usually kept very warm for the babies but houses aren’t, if we had known in advance we would have cranked the heating up!

The popper buttons on the front are useful for skin to skin and breastfeeding and I like how low down they go. At times I have undone the buttons, popped Baby Girl inside naked so we can have a lovely skin to skin feed and done the buttons back up again! I would prefer traditional buttons rather than the poppers though as they are quite difficult to undo one handed, and you need to do a lot of things one handed with a baby!


  • Lovely soft bamboo material and well thought through design.
  • Stretches well over your body during pregnancy and still retains its shape after.
  • Fantastic features for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding but can still be worn as a normal nightgown.
  • Only changes I would make would be to use buttons instead of poppers and have a long sleeve option.

Although the birthing shirt seems quite pricey at £34.99, its certainly worth the investment as I am sure I will be wearing it long past my breastfeeding days as its a very comfortable nightie. Its also on special offer at the moment for £29.99 so grab one while you can.

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  1. Great tip – thank you! I’m off to check it out now x

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